The Fire Is Out


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Oct 10, 2000
I had an experience today (which I will not go into) which made me finally come to terms with something I have been struggling with for a while.

Some of you may know, my interest in framing has been fading for some time now, but I haven't felt ready to let go completely. Today I realized that whatever embers that were still burning are pretty much, dead.

I think I was resisting admitting that to myself because I have spent the better part of the last 20 years learning a craft, learning the business, and meeting some great people. It just seemed like a waste to me not to be putting these skills and relationships to use.

I have one obligation left, to judge a PPFA competition this month. Then, I think it is time for me to get out of framing entirely. I need to put my creative energies into something else, I don't know what, yet, that gives me the same joy that I used to get from framing.
It takes much power and caracter to openly admit that to us, for which reason I repect you and your decision and wish you the best of luck. Your life is just taking a turn onto one of many other ways it can be lived creativly. Framing was just one of them. Pam, it's been a real pleasure reading your thoughts on this forum.
Because your present state of mind is making you a detached analist, I'd ask you one last question: how do you see the future of custom picture framing?
Wow, Pamela! You have been to the mountain heights of framing that few of us will ever see!

I guess it makes sense, like Lance Armstrong and the Tour de France, to turn your gaze and goals elsewhere.

May I humbly suggest, that along with communicating with us all on the Grumble, you might wish to investigate the world of model horse decorating??? Turns out this is a MASSIVE and little regognized field.

Please keep us posted on your journeys!
Sorry to here that. I'm not in any hurry, but I'd like to open a small shop. I frame on the side and I just completed two pictures this weekend. I think I could enjoy framing as a career. I work in information technology (IT) now and I'm tiring of it. IT can be a challenging career, but I think running a small business can be more challenging. I'm glad I found the Grumble. Hearing the negatives can be sobering.

I'm planning on putting $5,000 into framing equipment soon. Hearing about the business conditions, competition from the BBs and people wanting out makes me think that I'd better take smaller bites at the spending. OTOH, Even if I never open a shop, the tools will come in handy over the years.
I am also entering this industry cautiously. Just mailed in my trial annual membership to PPFA yesterday. The Grumble has been an amazing teacher and "eye-opener" for me as well.

That being said, Pamela, I admire you and wish the absolute best in whatever your heart leads you to. You are at the pinnacle of a well lived professional career, going out on top, as a champion. Certainly a positive example for those of us on the beginning spectrum of this field. All the best!
Wow. You go gurl. I can't wait to hear where your muse is taking you.
I had the same feeling about the field a few months back and I hooked on with a distributor instead. Couldn't be happier!
Whatever you do Pam, follow Baer's tag line. Keep us informed.