the fan from ****

Tommy P

MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Nov 16, 2003
Mid North Indiana
Someone mentioned the other day about a fan box from In-Line Ovals. I can appreciate that. I am mounting ( attempting!) a fan in a shadowbox at the moment. It is old...painted turqouise feathers with carved, holey ivory shafts. I think I am going to loose my mind!!! Attempting to sew....wants to move and shift..glue keeps entering my thoughts....but so far have been able to fight it off...
Anybody with any "good" thoughts or ideas!!!
Ron must be asleep. E-Z mount and Wall Buddies.

Sorry, keep stitching. If it won't show, copper or brass wire (very fine. 2 holes twist in the back. If it might show, monofiliment line, or nylon thread.)

Ain't sewing fun, and to think your mother had a heck of a time trying to teach you how to sew on a button......

Try cutting a small piece of mat board the same color as your backing, and mounting the fan to that first. Then mount the now solid/not moving fan on to the back board. OR... If wire can be used, and hid, wire the fan in to shape, then mount it on the backing. (Mount it be sewing.)

I have done this before, and both ways work. All depends on the fan.

Good luck.
Sew the fan down to a piece of backing board several inches bigger than the size of the frame. Once it's stablized, then trim the board to the proper size. That way, you don't have to try to keep the squirmy thing centered while you're sewing.

Baer, By score, I meant to cut through the mat board (same as what you are mounting to) part way about every 1/2 inch so you can curve it. Actually it should be gored also, the score closer at one end than the other. I guess that may be more baseball speak to some. Are they still playing baseball? Oh yes, the twinkies are winning.