The CMC Doctors

Barb Pelton

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 14, 2002
The Show Me State

I happened to catch up with Chuck Terry (formally of Eclipse) today and was curious as to what he is up to these days since the buy out. I found out he is "up to" a new and interesting business venture with his partner, Mark, and I had to pass this on because I thought that there would be some cmc owners out there who might find it useful.

They have created a business that gives support to cmc owners who might not be getting any from the original companies they purchased their machines from. (Any Mat Maestro owners out there?? Here may be your chance to get that thing humming in tune
). I thought this was such a great idea--here's the website:

I understand that they will refurbish, buy and sell used cmcs as well.
I have to say that Chuck is one of the best guys to get help from. I know from experience when a the stainless dust cover on my Eclipse got snapped and I ordered a new one he walked me through just about having the whole mat cutter in pieces to having it all back together again. So I only hope what he's doing works out because he's one of the great customer service guys out there in my opinion. Jay
Chuck and Marc both.
Thanks for all your help guys...

now were is that extended umbilical so I can lift this monster off the floor.. :D