Thanks to our kind suppliers


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jul 1, 1999
Holland, PA, USA
Last Monday the NJPPFA chapter had a terrific meeting at Larson Juhl in Trevose, Pa with Jeff Makoff from Digital Custom as our guest speaker. I would like to thank the following companies for their support in making our meeting successful:

Digital Custom-thanks to Jeff for updating us framers on the digital imaging industry. We truly learned a lot from your presentation. Digital Custom also provided us with our morning refreshments, pounds and pounds of "Morning Restoration" blend coffee, and a terrific gift certificate doorprize.

Larson Juhl-thanks for letting us use your building for our meeting. Pete Cooper always comes through for our group. Ruthann Carr (the best LJ sales rep) set up the room beautifully! Also thanks for the framed model doorprize. (It would have looked great in my living room, but I didn't win!)

Frame-Tek-thanks to Greg for always supporting our chapter. He provided four lucky framers with gift certicates for his wonderful products.

Decor Moulding-thanks for donating 20 ft of moulding. Lucky winner Bill McCurry was such a great guy that he gave it to Karen H. who is opening a new shop. Decor, we loved your unique gift certificate written on the actual moulding sample!

United Mfrs-thanks to Peter for all of the goodie bags filled with wonderful items like glass cutters, aprons, post-it cubes, and samples. Also thanks for the ATG gun doorprize. (Another doorprize that I had my eye on....)

Thelma's "EzyHang" Adjustable Picture Hangers-thanks to Bob Keith for provided our group with samples and instructions of a new hanger instead of D-rings or screw-eyes. It's always nice to see something new in our industry. We apppreciate your encouragement in building our chapter.

Did you miss out on the fun? If you are in the New Jersey or Philadelphia area and want to find out more about our PPFA chapter email us at