Thanks Grumblers!

Donna at MetroAF

CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
May 6, 2005
Roseville, MN
I just have to say thanks to all of you folks here at thegrumble. You're awesome!

I'm fairy new to the game (I've only been in for 2 years), and I think I've gotten more good info from this website than any training from our reps.

Yes, the reps are good at what they do, but they are so far removed from actual framing, that they have no clue about current consumer trends.

Go Dumples!... I mean Grumblers?
Donna you have pointed out one of the great amazing weirdities of this industry and the big guys.

In 1988, when I started reping for Nurre Caxton, our west coast team was made up of Myself (a CPF), a fast talker(but knew nothing about making a frame, and a gal from the print industry.

She and he were replaced with an Avon lady (I kid you not) and he (finally) by an other framer who is still the rep in SoCal.

When I kissed a truck, I was replaced by another make-up counter sales person, a fresh from selling cars at an auto show or something, and another that lasted 1 week. (something about driving farther than 50 miles from home)

Over the years, I have met too many that had a cousin who dated a girl whos uncle once made a frame in the garage.....

Those who made the jump from framer to rep, are few and far between.

Those of us who rep, and still also retail frame, can be counted on one hand.

But also important to note is the lack of framers and reps who read related and semi-related magazines. I know three reps who have never been in a museum and have no idea what the designs are that they are selling....much less design trends like the orange that was hot in Dec is like so last year.

They may have heard about "green", but they don't understand which one...and it ain't a mat color.. YET. :D
Wanna talk about reps?

My first rep from a company you all know about used to come into my shop, point to a piece of equipment and say, "What's that for?" I'd say, "Well, Bob, that's a shrink wrapper and I bought it from your company. Here's how it works." It didn't take long to realize I was training him.

I must've done a good job, too. He's moved up with the company and is well-regarded in our business by those that know him.