Thanks Ellen !!!

Tim Hayes.

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Aug 31, 2001
I just wanted to thank you for organizing a great dinner and speaker for the PPFA National Chapter last Sunday. Bob Carter gave an excellent talk on business. He provided ideas and techniques for all of us to improve our businesses and make them more profitable. Can't argue with that.
THANKS Ellen !!!
THANKS Bob !!!
I'll second that. It was an excellent evening and should prove to be somewhat profitable for all who attended. Who says you don't get anything for PPFA dues? The evening alone - with some of the ideas that we came away with - should pay our dues for several years.
The dinner followed a tour of a conservator's workshop, another educational event arranged by our PPFA chapter.
If you're in the Virgina, DC, Maryland or South Central PA area, you need to get involved in this chapter. It is priceless.
Linda and I both want to thank Ellen Collins, Bob Carter, and Christine Smith for the gathering, business hints and the tour of the Conservators' workshop. It was a wonderful evening.
I just got back from D.C. and have to agree with the sentiments expressed. Ellen put on a splendid weekend event. I was blown away by the turn out.

It was so nice to finally meet Sue May and her Mom, Meaghan McMillan and Tim Hayes and his lovely wife and a bunch of new friends.

What a pleasure to get a chance to meet with Bob and Mary Ann Shirk. And spent some great time with Kerry Wilson, her Mom and her sister.

Mark Klostermeyer and his wonderful wife, Jenny showed some great Southern hospitality by showing us around DC (We loved the trip).

All in all, the entire chapter could not have made us any more welcome and goes a long way to reinforce the benefits of PPFA.

The entire event went off without a hitch and was delightful. I will be visiting a few more chapters this year, so the bar has been raised for all the other chapters to measure up.
Well, what a day brightener this thread is! I have just finished calling non-renewing chapter members, and it makes me wonder when I hear "There just isn't any value in belonging to PPFA" Every chapter has good programs at outstanding prices. I guess you can lead a horse to water...
We've always had wonderful guest speakers at our meetings (I hope Bob C. will be one in the future!) Rumor has it an industry leader might be coming in June. (The price of PPFA membership costs the same as one of his seminars).
Hey Bob!!! Why did you take our nice weather? Just as you left, the weather got COLD!!! Send us back our warm weather!

(They say we might get snow tomorrow! In April!)
What could be better than learning on two different topics, meeting online friends and entirely new people, and a pretty fine dinner thrown in to the mix?

Ellen, don't be discouraged by the nay-sayers. Those of us that were there got far more than our money's worth and appreciate the work and planning that goes into each chapter event.
Hey Sue-The rain followed us all the way home-we needed it. Today is a lovely mid-80's, blue skies. Boy, timing is everything.

Meghan-you are so correct. What is the old adage about getiing out what you put in? I wish a few naysayers would take the time to participate-then complain. If anyone could honestly say they wasted their time with all the things available last Sunday, I'm not sure what it would take to please them.

I understand that my world famous "Bob on Bidness" can put people to sleep, but just the fellowship and good food ought to be worth something.

Personally, getting to meet someone as renowned as the Conservator chosen to handled Geo. Washington's will and explaining the challenges was nothing short of amazing.

But, you would have never known if you didn't feel it was important enough to participate