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Nov 23, 1997
Mandeville, LA USA
I just received a box of A wonderful assortment of Easel backed frames from American Choice as an award for my entry in the TFG Framing Competition.

I would like to say that is the nicest award I have ever received for any competition I have ever entered.

I only have a few problems ,first I don't know their retail value and my customers are asking,and second my wife Marie laid claim to two of them the minute she saw the contents of the box.

Thanks again American Choice,as well as Angie and all the competition Judges as well as those who choose my work in the popular choice . I am deeply honored and humbled to be selected by Members of the industry.But it was real fun seeing all the other entries.
I wouldn't even show 'em to customers. I'd keep 'em for myself and maybe use a few of them for special gifts (if I actually liked anyone well-enough to do that.)

If you let the customers see them, they're ALL gonna want one and pretty soon you'll be ordering by the truckload from Cornel. How's Cornel going to feel about that, huh?
My sentiments exactly, Ron. My customers have already drooled over them. I'm hoping for some retail prices from Cornel so I can order some more as requested.
Those puppies retail in the hundred plus dollar neighborhood. Make sure you do not get them wet, or even damp. Take the glass out to clean it. They are real gold and silver, watch your fingers on them. Cornel has prices and catologs. Give him a call or e-mail him.

Thank you, John, for your important note on how to care for those "puppies". I can't stress enough that any water gilded frame is susceptible to be damaged by water and/or moisture. That always was and will be the case, unless you lacquer it but, by so doing, you are certainly killing some 80% of its beauty and this trade is not worthy of your consideration.

I meant those frames as a prize not as a promotion. For this reason I took them off their boxes. There are no labels on them and, therefore, no easy back tracking pricing is being possible. More over, I offered each winner a different assortment of frames and, believe you me; I would not be able to tell who got what. I only know that Baer is the only one who received his frames in their original boxes. Hope you don't get jealous on him for that little. ;)
Secondly, John was right with his retail price estimate for those frames of mine. It's very likely that some winners can't sell such frames. But they surely can appreciate and keep them to their own use, or give them away, as a special gift, in behalf of a significant, deserving person.
As Patrick mentioned above, during the month of July and August I am away in a selling trip. The best way to get in touch with me is by email. Please use the address for any business related topics, not the address that appears under my profile. I check this address frequently, which I can't say about the other one.
Buddy, your wife Marie sounds like a nice sharing woman.... :D

My wife gave me the stick-eye for even wanting to look at her 10 frames.. :D

I know when NOT to try and take the bone away from the pitbull...

Two have shown up with pictures of our children already.... the cat in the gold one and the dog in the other gold one....LOL.

They are gems for sure. And Cornel, thanks again. Hope to see you soon.
I have finally got my eyes on some frames done by American Choice...I am so jealous of all of you folks who won frames. It was several hours earier and I think there may still be some drool on the side of my mouth. These frames are hot...the details and unique colors are quite tasty. I shall bow down for the Cornel, great stuff. I can now understand a little bit better where his heart is and why he pushes buttons. It takes heart and desire to create such beatiful pieces. Swell job.
Patrick Leeland