Thanks again grumble


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Jun 7, 2004
Thanks again Grumble
Had to create a little 'ole bulletin board for a customer and read up here before mounting the fabric to the 48 x 96" foam core, doubled up with gator foam. Used fabric glue and a sponge roller. Woulda been afraid to use the liquid glue without reading here but it worked like a charm.

Also finished up framing 35 ties

and now half way through 5 jerseys for a few different customers. This whole year has been crazy with jerseys.

Still gotta do 2 baseball hats with different items with them, baseball cards, NASCAR car models and collectibles, a real cool PT-109 collage, and who knows what else, I've been afraid to look.

What brought on this onslaught? I made a display. Each year I make a collage of the memories of the trips I've taken that year with my girlfriend and give it to her for Christmas (along with more plane tickets, hehe). I borrowed last years and put it out with a little sign - created some inspiration. I recommend it!

Ain't no one goin to Michael's to get that done.

We are dead tired.
Gotta go hang that bulletin board tonight though.

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Very impressive framing, johnny
Those must have kept you busy for awhile!

Thanks for taking pics and sharing your fine work! LOVE what you did!!

Please remind me - I think you previously shared, but I'm not sure - what is the story behind the ties (if you know)? I showed your tie photo to my husband - he swears he has one still in his closet just like the second from the left! PACK RAT!!!
I have a friend that would die for the bulletin board...LOL

What a great idea.

Love the travel collective.
Thanks guys

Here's today's one so far, kinda simplistic....

I gotta figure out what to do with this stuff...
It's from one of those very cool customers that drop it off, say "tell him to do something creative, I need it by father's day" and go. Gave me plenty of time and creative license, ya gotta love that. I'm so lucky to have the people who choose to work here, career framers all. Only, our brains are dead.

Thanks Karen, they are keepin us employed, lol. Our average order went from taking all of 30 minutes to well over an hour. We rarely see any posters or litho limited editions anymore... we're losing that war and it's not to the local competition, all but one went out of business. New place opened up a while ago though. We lost em to, wallmart, Z Gallerie, Target, michales, et all. We're doing a lot more stuff like this, but advertising to and drawing from a much larger area. Can't survive on the old "4 mile radius" rule anymore. The bulletin board, for example, was sold to a customer in a community called Shaker Hts 15 miles away who only stopped in our store for her first purchase, everything else has been done in her home. And the week before last I was making delivery trips to a customer in Ashland, 130 miles round trip. The ties were for a customer in Chardon, a community about 25 miles away. The collage I don't know what to do with above is from Hudson, I don't know maybe 20 miles to the south-west. Man, ya gotta sing for your supper now-adays don't ya?

Heya Sherry, the ties were for a customer who's father had passed away. She thought framing some would make a nice memento. By the end of the sale we ended up doing 5 shadow boxes worth of her dad's and father in laws for her to keep and give to her sisters/in laws. We framed some of them a number of weeks ago, then put off the rest until she needed them and had to rush again.

Baer, after we hung the bulletin board up over her desk I said "Ok! There's your Shania-board!" Her husband ducked in and got a kick out of that.
Any friend who would love a board like that has to be pretty cool.

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