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Sep 1, 2000
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I just got TruVue's Museum glass shadowbox sampler and it certainly does the job. A couple of little gold fringey things (like on the shoulderboards of military band conductors) mounted on a dark background, one behind Conservation Clear and one behind Museum glass.
Can't really remember how I went about getting it (perhaps it was one of the many phone surveys), but it should be a very effective sales tool for the Museum glass...
I got it by calling tru vue and saying "Hey I want one of those!"
Thanks for the reminder. I just filled out the postcard request and will put it into the mail tomorrow.
My postcard arrived courtesy of Larson.
TV called and asked me if I wanted one. I said, "Yes, please."

It arrived yesterday and I just opened it to see if there were any matboard specifiers in the box.

I had to pound on it a little to get the tassles to hang properly, but it is a very nice display piece.

I might have to stock some museum glass.
"I might have to stock some museum glass."

Thats my fear. I have actually considered not using it. However it is something neat to play with. If I had a nickle everytime somebody touched to see if there was any glass there I would be rich.
With the new displays and the new 35% lower prices, Museum Glass is selling better than ever. I love it.

Tip: Get a pair of Tru-Vue's glass gloves, too. They grip the glass nicely, and avoid the pesky fingerprints that always show up on Museum Glass.
What about the conservation perfect view? That looks almost as good for less money. Anyone ever use it? Are there any objections to either, other than cost, e.g. cleaning, cutting?
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Get a pair of Tru-Vue's glass gloves, too.
They must be terribly uncomfortable. </font>[/QUOTE]Yep, I bet, they only bend when really, really hot!
al, i think the glass you are speaking of is simlilar, but the difference is the depth of framing you can do with museum glass. the conservation perfect view i think is good for double mats then it starts to look fuzzy. i think that is right...someone shall correct me if i am not. on the other hand the museum glass can handle shadowboxes with no fuzzy. it is more money, but it works in more instances.

ps we use cotton gloves for handling white water and museum glass. alcohol to clean all glass. those other gloves he can use...i already have to many cuts to deal with glass gloves.
Originally posted by Ron Eggers:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Get a pair of Tru-Vue's glass gloves, too.
They must be terribly uncomfortable. </font>[/QUOTE]But a lovely accessory with glass slippers.

I would be delighted if I could just get some samples of there range of glass and some pricing……..I would not say no to a few sample displays either……oh well I will give it another few weeks to see what happens …..

We have one of these on our counter too. The only problem is that just about every customer TAPS ON THE GLASS because they don't think it's there. (and we're always cleaning it)

I put mine up several weeks ago. I already get comments about it, and am sure it will be easier to sell the museum glass. It has also convinced me to use the museum glass for any future shadow box work.
Oh cool, thank you for posting this. They called several months ago and I thought I wouldn't be receiving anything they said they were sending. Good to know some folks have them showing up now! I was about to make my own.
That nifty little display has sold a lot of Museum glass for us. As to the cost being dropped 35%, they have yet to figure out how to remove 35% of the work installing it, so our prices are staying the same.
Believe it or not, but Perfect view does work nicely in shadow boxes. I would not have believed it without having seen it with my own eyes. I saw a display recently that had 6 mats with perfect view -- It was excellent.
Addendum, just got a call from TruVue's telemarketing folks wanting to know how I liked the sample. They told me they have a shadowbox sample using regular acrylic and their new OP-3 anti reflective product (It has a name like Optimum Acrylic, but I can't remember) that they are sending along as well. sweet.

Matframer, 6 mats is still only 3/8". Try looking at a 3-D object through prefect view at 2" depth.