Thank you, Grumblers, from the Fledgling Framer


Mar 8, 2004
Anniston, Alabama, "The Heart of Dixie"
I know this is long, but I haven't posted in almost a year, so please bear with me...

An update and a thank you......

About a year ago, I posted a question to y'all about the best way for me to become a picture framer. I wanted to work in a small frame shop (not own a shop) and needed to know how to get started. My husband was seriously ill at the time and I was starting to do my research getting ready for the possibility that I might lose him and I would need to return to the workforce (I am retired and had no desire to return to the same type of work I was doing prior to my retirement).

Well, after spending 5 months in Seattle going through a bone marrow transplant, my husband passed away last December just a few short weeks after returning home to Alabama.

Last year, y'all gave me some really good advice about how to get started, books to read, schools to attend, magazines to research, etc. Well, believe it or not, it all worked!!

After reading your postings and e-mails, I joined PPFA, subscribed to a number of magazines, and purchased Vivian Kistler's 6 volume set. Next, per your suggestions, I located the only CPF in our area and made an appointment to talk to her. She gave me a lot of the same advice y'all did and offered to "sponsor" at the Larson-Juhl course once my family situation became resolved.

Well, I went back to see her after my husband passed and asked her if she would consider letting me work in the shop as an unpaid apprentice learning the art of picture framing. I wanted to learn it right and wanted to have a CPF as my mentor....she agreed. I worked in the shop for about 2 weeks before attending the Larson-Juhl course (BTW, best money I ever spent...highly recommend it). When I returned from school they offered me a full-time job as a picture framer!!! Can you believe it! I was floored.

Thank you all so much for sending me in the right direction. I am working diligently to learn my new craft and am studying hard so I can sit for the CPF exam next year. I can't believe how well all this turned out. I am doing a job I absolutely love and am working in a wonderfully nurturing and supportive enviornment. What more could I ask for.......thanks for taking the time to help me.
Well, Bless your heart! My condolences on the passing of your husband. What a year you have had!

And you are certainly right - framing is a wonderful profession full of really nice folks - especially the ones who hang out on the Grumble.

Best of luck in everything you do - and don't be a stranger here!
Beverly, it's good to see you back. Don't be a stranger. Lookin forward to meeting you and hearing more from you as your new job progresses.

Yes, I remember you well. (I always remember anything with Dixie in it!)

You HAVE had a bad year, with your husbands passing. We all are gonna go at some point, but it sounds as if you had a fall-back plan. Excellent! Not many folks would possess the personal strength to deal with a loved one's imminent passing, AND prepare themselves to 'carry on' when the inevitable occurs.

More power to you! I wish you happiness, and that every success possible come your way!
Hi Dixie,
First of all, my sympathies on your loss....but 2nd...congratulations on your success and your guts to pick up and carry on... And when I saw your location, almost fainted....I grew up in Anniston, Alabama....graduated from Alexandria High School. These folks on here are the greatest!! Good to see you back.

Sorry for your loss. I can't imagine sleeping alone anymore. I never sleep well when I'm on the road or my wife is gone.

Good on ya for you path to framing. You did it right.

One thing. From us other CPFs who believe in the Mentoring of apprentices, give your mentor a big hug. I can't tell you how much it means to me, to hear your story.
I may be a big burly guy, but your story would make a great "chick flick" that brings a wet-eye to this guy. I'm so glad things are working out.
Dixie -
Our sincere condolences on you loss - we wish you the very best in your new endeavors. Please keep in touch with "The Grumble" as you have lots of friends here!

I remember you!!!!!!!

And it's so very good 'hearing' from you again.

My heart goes out to you; losing your husband and making such adjustments in your life in such short time is a lot to go through. But, it sounds like you have been smart and prepared well - both mentally and emotionally.

I'm so sorry for your loss....I can't fathom, much like Baer and others have shared.

Keep up the great work and HATS OFF to your employer for being there for you! They too deserve a lot of credit!
Dixie, you were so smart to prepare for the sad death of your husband. My condolences to you. My admiration goes out for you also as you planned well and sound as though everything is working out great for you. Stay in touch. Glad you found such a great boss! Framers are a nice buncha folks, dontcha think?

Your return and input are very timely, considering the other CPF thread.
So sorry to hear about your husband. Inspirational that you could get through the illness and grief with a plan, and turn this into a new career for yourself.

As others have previously mentioned, framers are a great bunch of folks. Perhaps you and I can get a local PPFA chap. started/ revived.

Take care and keep learning- thanks for the inspirational post!
Dixie, thank you so much for taking the time to update us on your story. It is indeed a touching one.

As you continue on your journey through life, may all your corners join perfectly and your mats have no overcuts.
Hello...welcome back to the G and welcome back to Alabama! I wish you success and happiness. You sure deserve lots of both. Hope to hear more from you.
I can't think of a better way to grieve than to spend your days creating beautiful things under the guise of picture framing. It's therapeutic qualities are highly underrated.
My sincere condolences to you.
Please join us here regularly when you need some more opinions or a chuckle.

edie the booksaretherapytoo goddess
DixieLee - You are blessed. You had a dream and you made it happen. The unfortunate loss of your husband is sad and I offer condolences, but as edie says there is therapy in framing beautiful things and with what you have done - it is a beautiful thing.

Good luck and your employers are lucky to have you as well.

Thank you for all your kind thoughts and well Sherry suggested, I gave my boss a great big hug this morning...she looked a little perplexed until I explained what it was for.

Gumbogirl, as I put in the my post on the CPF Designation thread, I would love to get involved in creating a local PPFA chapter. I am ready, willing, and usually able........