TG Benevolent Fund at Atlanta, WCAF, PMA?

Amy McCray

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Dec 3, 2002
North Prairie, WI
Someone mentioned starting a new thread for this so I'll jump in. I woke up this morning w/ an idea. Scary thought, eh?

Would it be possible to set out some boxes or screw-cap jars, with a slit cut in the top at various locations at Atlanta, WCAF, and PMA?

Hate to say it but there are lots of framers who don't access either TG or Hitchhiker. They may be happy to be able to contribute.

Perhaps containers could be placed at the registration table (or near) and/or at various vendor exhibits. Maybe some vendors would be able to donate a few empty boxes which could be wrapped, then place a sign on the front to explain.

All proceeds could be collected and forwarded to Roxanne. It would take a few volunteers to put the boxes out and collect the funds throughout the day.

Just my dangerous 2 cents worth.

Lisa A

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Jan 20, 2004
Haymarket, VA
Amy, it looks like someone else had the same great idea
This is already planned for Atlanta:

"DECOR Expo Atlanta Supports Hurricane Katrina Victims
In response to the situation facing the Gulf Coast, DECOR Expo Atlanta will offer all attendees and exhibitors the opportunity to make donations to the Hurricane Katrina relief efforts while at the show. More information will be available at show registration. "

Jim Miller

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May 19, 2000
Suburban Central Ohio
Restaurants and other businesses are encouraging contributions by offering postcards or flyers with contact information for established charites, such as American Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

When a person, company, or other entity takes in contributions, he/she/it becomes responsible for the use of the contributions. There are lawsuits and criminal actions still going on regarding fraudulent contributions after the 9/11 disasters.

If I were PPFA, Decor, or any framing supplier I would not attempt to set up a dedicated charity. Instead I would encourage contributions to a charity I know and trust.