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Sometime today I will test the new server. It will only last for 15 minutes. If you see it up please try and leave a message before I take it down. Your (display name) not your login name is used to login and your password will be needed. Your old cookie password will not work on the new site yet. I am still a long way from done and the look may be changed (will) so don't be too quick to judge at this point. Comments back here are welcome though.


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Well that didn't go so well...

Maybe later today I got to check a few number in the script out.

I'll post a 20 minute warning on the title page before the next test.

It looked pretty good. Fancy

I was able to log in ok. It had the last visited day in 1969, but otherwise looked OK.

I couldn't post though.

I also tried a password request by email, which didn't come. It's possible there could be an issue there. (or maybe i'm jumping the gun before you are ready/finished)


PS: Folks who are bookmarking the forums directly will get a 404 error when you switch. (as I do). If you get a 404 error, make sure you visit the root location at www.thegrumble.com
Now that wasn't so bad about 6 logged on and 40 viewed.

I left and tried to come back in and I couldn't get in at all for a few minutes, as if the Grumble didn't even exist.
OK - I'll bite - what is the difference between a login name and a display name? Can it be the same name? I have been logged on for so many years I just had to check my password (what I thought it was!).

I cannot believe the amout of work you are doing on this Bill - thank you!!!

In your case they are the same. Some people have a different "login name" than they do "display name". The new software only uses the name displayed on messages.

For example, on the old software I am Mike Labbe@GTP, but my login name is GetThePicture (this one is going away)

What little I saw of it looked GREAT!!!

But I thought I had to register and when I did it said I was already registered and by that time it had vanished before I could go back...

Also said something about an invalid string???
Great look - took a minute to get my bearings. Felt r-e-a-l-l-y in warpedland. It let me login but not post a reply. All part of the developmental process I assume.
Sorry for the fast test. I had a problem. It's fixed and I'm going to retest it right now.


last test of the day...

Did anyone try to post a message on the last test?

Tried to post this time - but it said I have been banned for the following reason: NONE and that the date when the ban would be lifted: NEVER.

Last visit Dec 31, 1969, 11pm. Is this the birthdate of the guy who invented this software???

Little box said posting rules: You may not post new threads, post replies, post attachments or edit your posts.

Funniest thing was the Grumble Stats:

Members 3,443
Active Members 2

That would be Ron, and uh, Baer???
Thanks framar I just figured it out about the ban from your post. I can fix this before the next try.

well the truth be known the user DB was messed up on the import I'm redoing a complete rebuild of the import as I type.

All of Ron's post were missing...

He was the only one blanked...


Yes! I'm sure it did. Sorry....

Anyway I learned at lot. I had imported a later backup of the G over an older one. Didn't work. So I'm doing a complete clean install and upload to check that. If that works out, I will know that's how I will need to do it.

There seems to be a problem with the Poll imports.

The new software allows you a choice to show who voted for what or have a private vote. All the polls taken on the G have been private but on the import it show who voted for whom.

If this is a problem voice your opinion now. This effects the framing competitions.

The in-line gremlins are not working right.

Please take all HTML code out of your signatures before the final import. You will have a robust VBcode to use on the new board.

See you Monday at NOON.

Please use your display name as your login name NOT you login name. Use your password case sensitive. If you need a copy of your password get it here http://www.thegrumble.com/cgibin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=lost_password

During the test the email server of the new site has not been tested so get your password before the test here.

Thanks for your understanding,

I wouldn't miss any of the monthly polls, if you want erase them. (or want me to) The results have been compiled and are on a website, so nothing will be lost except the discussion.

Well I'm ready for tomorrow.

Does everyone have their user name and password read?

12noon EDT live for I hope 30 minutes to new site.

please leave any comments on the grumble forum on the new site if you can.

You will have many options in your own control panel. Tip turn on the advanced WYSWYG editor in your CP. Have fun.

If all goes well we could be up in a week or two.

It's looking great so far! The new polling software looks interesting, as does the calendar and familiar format of the messages. The all forum search tool is fast and accurate.

I think everyone will get used to the improvements quickly.

Dang, I forgot to look in the control panel. It was fun though. Very easy to use. Thanks for all you do Framer!
Man, I really like the word processor type controls for fonts, color, font size, alignment, and such!! And the code, HTML, and PHP tags aren't working yet but they are going to be great!!

(That may not be the case though, I was still playing on a post when you switched back over to this format and I may have tried them after they were disabled.)

Framer, you outdid yourself on this change! Everything is so convenient and fast to operate.

And you aren't even finished with it yet!!!

How cool is it going to be when you are done!!!

Yes, but this feel like home, I might shed a tear when it goes :(
Kathy, I went to the Control Panel, and looked for the time adjustment, but couldn't find it yet...I imagine it's somewhere in there, "in the works"

Way cool, Framer!! How you're doing this boggles my mind. Patience of a Saint!!
Originally posted by framer tg::
Yes, but this feel like home, I might shed a tear when it goes :(
Aw heck, now there you go gettin' all mushy on us!! I was thinking that it was almost like moving from where you grew up into a totally new upscale house and trying to call it "home".

There's no place like "home".

I know what Framer means - it was a bit like visiting bizarro world or parallel universe. Cool, but definately not Kansas. But once we all get used to it, and boxes are unpacked, the new site will be home too. Thanks for your hard work.

I found the time adjustment - finally - and then I played with the display mode (settled on Hybrid) - now I'm gonna hafta check out another forum that frustrates the heck out of me and see if they have a display mode option, too. LOL!

This is gonna be fun!

And since it is not the first metamorphosis that the Grumble has undergone, I think I'm gonna be cool (just be prepared for a lot of blundering Grumblers and a LOT of questions!).

Yeah, I have been personally attached to this place too.....we need a ceremonial closing or something.....
I tried to view it a couple of minutes ago and it was just gone......... got an error message. I hope I can find it when it changes.

ok - if I don't show up within a day or so - somebody's got to come and find me and lead me there by the hand..........
There's no place like home....
:cool: Rick

I missed the test today, but now my curiosity is really piqued.


>>>>>>>>>> Framer tg <<<<<<<<<<
I saw the test and was able to log in but I forgot to check to see if the gremlins are going to be the same! Last time Framer made changes, some of our favorite gremlins were jettisoned. New ones have been added that are good replacements and I'd hate to lose them. The other forum I'm on that uses vbulletin has really lame gremlins. I hope we get to keep the ones we have!
I was at Menard's looking at ceiling fans, so I missed the big preview.

Did it have that new forum smell?
I went, Ron.

It was nice.

(Psst, I didn't see any champagne or hors douvres anywhere!! I think I showed up too early for the Grand Opening.)

You'll like the changes. Framer has been working hard on the new system, since Ron wore this one out with almost 15,000 personal posts.
Yeah Mike, and you forgot the over 10,000 "secret" posts that Ron added late at night and during storms that nobody ever got to read!! :eek:

(I always wondered why his fingers, including Stubby, were curled up and gnarly, this may explain things.)