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Pat Murphey

SPFG, Supreme Picture Framing God
Nov 16, 2002
Lafayette, NJ
This is a test post of display case photo. I will add more info if successful.

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Case is made from picture frames. The base and seat are Munn 2 3/4 Florentine plain, antique metal finish. The black box is made from Larson Eastlake 287615. The top border is Munn American 3/4 RT, antique metal finish. The Munn frames are mitered 90 degrees from the normal orientation. The inside surfaces are Bainbridge raw silk 4969. Tru-Vue Museum glass all around. Retail for the case, less the doll, is $1450.
What a lovely display case. But a few questions if you dont mind.
a. The Munn moulding - how did you join the verticals to the horizontals at the corners.

b. Did you have to rebate (rabbit??) the Munn to take the glass and did you silicone the glass in.

Tried enlarging the picture to have a closer look but just got a load of pixels and distortion.
The black frames top and bottom plus verticals support the glass front, back and sides. The glass fits loosely in saw kerf slots. Kerfs and frame backs are painted, of course. The top is joined with kerfs cut in what used to be the bottom of the moulding the joined top is resting on top of the upper black frame with the frame rabbet down. The lower black frame is resting in what was the rabbet of the base frame. Screws from the top and bottom hold the verticals in place. The whole package is easily opened by taking the top off or lifting the entire black framed package off the base.
A more conservative package would have the top glass built into the upper black frame, deleting the decorative top frame.
I developed this basic design for model ship builders, but also found a nice market for cases for dolls and other collectibles, all built with picture frames.
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Excuse me for sounding uneducated, (I'm new) but what's a Kerf adn how is it used???

Awsome case. Something for me to aspire to.

From the dictionary:

kerf [ kurf ] (plural kerfs)

groove cut in something: a cut or the width of a cut made by an ax, saw, or cutting tool.

:D Pat
Thank you.. Looking at the picture again and with your explanation.. well.... derrrrr It is now so obvious. As previous reply... Awesome
"I see" said the blind man as he picked up his hammer and saw.

I think I need to invest in a dictionary.

Thanks Pat.

Again, something for me to aspire to.