Temporary fuel surcharge...


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 8, 2004
This temporary fuel surcharge has been applied from quite a few deliveries that I get by company truck.

This has been going on for years now.

When is temporary not temporary?

I understand that fuel prices went up, but on more than a few occasions one company in particular has charged my the surcharge several times for the same truck, just put another charge on other pages.

They started out as $1.00 years ago and are now up to $2.50.

Just getting tired of EVERYONE trying to get a few extra bucks off of me.

It's bad enough the banks, credit card processors, insurance companies, post office etc. blah blah blah... if I continue I will just get more depressed and pi$$ed off.

I do however feel better for venting.
Sorry to post to my own thread but just opened a statement from the main company I get the surcharge from and it now went up to $2.95 from $2.50.

A few years back it was $1.00.

Almost as bad as movie tickets.
Suppliers do this so that they can put one charge in the catalog and bill you a differently. I would think that if the surcharge were to go on for longer than a price update or two, then it would become the price. That would require them to actually tell you in print what they are going to charge you.
A fuel surcharge is the price we pay for free delivery. If they just added it to the cost of the materials, then the framers who don't get free delivery would have to pay for the fuel surcharge, plus UPS, Fed Ex, or whatever.

I'm sure you'll agree that paying for free delivery is perfectly reasonable.
I would gladly pay a fuel surcharge on free delivery from my vendors. I only have one that will deliver here. All other orders are shipped, usually UPS at an average of $25.00 per shipment, or if I pickup, 80 miles one way, plus gas and my time.
The fuel surcharge is "assumed" to be "reasonable" by the little guys because UPS, FedEx and all the Trucking Companies have been doing it for years. It has been probably 10 years since the trucking companies have had none, and 3-4 for UPS. And a break on them is 100% non-negotiable.

The flat-fee ones are the worst because there's generally nothing that they are indexed to. Just whatever the company feels like doing. Most of the big guys are federally regulated and when you sign up for an account you obligate yourself to accept fuel surcharges tied to indexes such as those published by the DOE.