Teak flag case wanted


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Jul 1, 1999
Holland, PA, USA
I have a customer who would like a triangular flag case made out of teak. I sell the traditional ones by Spartacraft but they are mostly oak, walnut and cherry. Does anyone have any other sources. Thank you.

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Holland Pa
Spartcraft is getting back to me about a custom case made in teak, but it did not sound too promising. Spartcraft is my only source of ready made flag cases, and I was hoping that someone might have another company that they deal with for the cases.


You might be able to find a small local woodworking shop that could do it for you. You could show them the readymade one as a model.
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Give Warren Tucker a call at the FrameWorks or FrameOutlet in Wilmington NC 910.395.2953. He can do an excellent job for you and your client.
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Don't forget that Teak is a fairly oily wood. Typically it is finished in an oiled surface. If you have it built you may have to specify a way to keep the fabric away from the wood. I imagine you could seal the wood some way. I can't think of anything right now.

Line the inside with four ply rag board. The inside wood will not show if the case is made properly for the flag it will contain. Be sure to use Teak Oil only, it is made for Teak, you can get it at any marine supplier. Watco oil will not do it, it is too heavy an oil. Do not use wax, just the Teak oil. Do not use lacquer, just does not look right when done.

John, we tried that about 10 years ago... the oil from the teak ent ripping through the rag board like it was a sponge.

Thank goodness the guy took the flag out for holidays to fly it.

I think we finally washed the inside with acetone real good then sealed with a few coats of Spar varnish, the gold leafed the entire inside and sealed the leaf with de-waxed ash blond shellac.

What a pain.

Susan, why in the world would someone in there right mind want a flag case out of teak... unless they were a sailer... oh great, now I can just hear the conversation John and I are going to have on THAT one. :D

Light San Dure Mahogany with a light pine Watco rub is more stable, ph neutral, doesn't ooz nasty goo, and is easier to work and for no other reason:

I still legal to get with out a special permit.
Thanks for the suggestions. I don't work with teak much, so thanks for the warnings about the oil. I will show this to my customer and let him make the final decision if we can get someone to make it for us. You folks are the best!

Perhaps to maintain the look of teak you could have the face built of teak and make the rest of the carcass out of more traditional framing woods? Have a face frame attached to the box in such a manner that the face overhangs to hide the box so that the sides are only visible from an angled view, IE getting up close. Then make sure that nothing touches the teak except for the box behind......Just thinking out loud. Those who know me know I do that a lot!

I had a call for a flag case---goooogled & found LOTS of sellere/makers....ended up with on with small box for 'stuff' on one side...customer loved it...bet some of those vendors would be able to come up with what you need.