Taming the Matboard Monster



When I moved my shop for the 5th time about 15 months ago, I had two twelve-foot wide racks for storing matboard. They were capable of holding 960 different boards and they were nearly full!

What I had was lots of little pieces. I just couldn't bear to part with 8x10 scraps of suede and silk board, or even a favorite Alphamat. Trying to move all this board made me realize that this was just plain stupid.

In my new location I devised a system to store small quantities of 420 different matboards in a space 6 feet wide. I know exactly what I have at any given time, and I normally sell one of the 420 I stock, rather that the 1400 or so that I don't stock.

If anyone is facing a similar dilemna and wants details, please let me know and I'll post them, probably in several parts. If nobdy cares, I won't be offended and I won't waste my time or yours.
PLease tell me !! I have all sorts of teensy (and not so teensy) stacks of boards here and there in the shop.

Ron if you are asking do we want you to explain here or privately ;I agree with ether or both.I've only moved once and that was enough especially since the longer I frame the more cluter I collect.
I'm also interested. We have accumulated quite a lot of those pieces I can't part with unless for the purpose of completing a sell. Please share!

This thread brings to mind a great truth. Your possesions expand to fill the allotted space.
Having just given away several hundred pounds of scrap mat board, I too would like to see a storage system that allows efficient use of the stuff. Please post on this forum.
I'll take some pictures and get started on this shortly. But first, a few disclaimers. This isn't going to help you get rid of all those little pieces of matboard. When I moved, I took some of them along, gave away a bunch and left a significant amount in the building that was due to be demolished. Soon, those scraps of matboard will be part of a new performing arts center. Now I keep a box near my matcutter that I throw scraps into. When the box gets nearly full, I go to the next name on a list of art teachers who are willing to come and pick up a box of mat scraps. If they are unable or unwilling to come within a few days, I go to the next name. I actually thought that when I bought a CMC, that I'd be cutting all my scraps into precut mats in standard sizes. I've discovered that doesn't happen unless you're willing to merchandise these things or wholesale them out. If anything, my CMC generates more scrap because I'm cutting more mats than I used to.

What it might do is give you some ideas about how to avoid accumulating and STORING all those scraps.

I'll post my system for managing and storing matboard in three parts: corner samples, board storage and computer inventory. I'm hoping this will be a dialogue, not a monologue. I don't expect anyone will be interested in every aspect of this, and I'm sure there will be some good suggestions for enhancements or alternatives.

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I eagerly await your tips and suggestions.
I have been weeding out matboard inherited from the previous owner of the shop.
There is so much scrap I've been thinking about having a tent sale for artists and crafters to try to get rid of that and lots of frame parts that have accumulated in the store.
I to have a lot of mat scraps and have cut them in standard sizes up to 16x20 and sell them to artists. Also I paint on them for demos in classes. Does take some time to cut them and stack; but once in awhile I sell one as a double mat.

Marilyn C
Sure Janet. Now that y'all are experts at posting pictures to The Grumble I guess we can start taming that matboard monster. Next couple of evenings look pretty booked, though, so it probably won't be before the weekend.

I eagerly await your no doubt clever solution to the problem I have been wrestling with all my framing life! I am sure that even with several thousand dollars of professional storage areas (which I DO NOT have) I would have the same problem!

Is this gonna be a Roger Corman movie? With people under the Matboard Monster? And you can see their feet as they stalk innocent and unsuspecting framers?
Have you created a Matboard Monster rubber suit?

Anxiously awaiting pictures of the Matboard Monster, I am, CharlesL.