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Jul 25, 2003
Bridgeport, NE
I have a Wizard on the way, and of course I think I can build my own table for the unit. Anyone out there done this or have any advice?
I did. Built glass storage on one end and mat/foam storage from the front on the other side. Worked fine. The one piece of advice I got was to build it so the Wizard would be as flat as you have room for. This enables you to ignore the fallout, etc. which you have to monitor if the unit is too vertical.

Mine is 4 feet deep and the Wizard is elevated about a foot in the back. works great.
After renting for a couple of years, I just took the plunge and bought one in Atlanta. I currently have my machine fairly vertical, which of course takes up a smaller footprint, but Cliff is correct about the fallout issue. I think this time around I am going to go more horizontal so I don't have to tape the little pieces into place.
Congratulations! You'll love it. We took delivery of ours 12/2/03 and haven't used a manual cutter since 12/3/03. In fact, we recently sold the Speedmat manual cutter.

Building your own table is the way to go. There's a LOT of space under there, which you can make use of.

Here is a crude picture of ours:

Don't forget to leave a place for the controller and PC.

We built ours with board and glass storage beneath. I'll second what Cliff advised - as flat as your work room will accomodate is the way to go.

Enjoy it!
Here is how I did mine.

mat bins.jpg

It works and looks great. However my shop is very very small. I don't think this is a good use of space. The top is 6X4 and the Wizard cuts so fast I use that space very little of the time. So space being what it is I will probably hang the Wizard on the wall when I relocate next spring. Then I can use the mat bins for a fitting table or something. Plus with the new software you can pause the mat cutter between cuts and remove the fallout. Unless you are cutting 50 openings that should help the fallout falling problem.

Carry on.
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