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Jul 30, 1997
So, what do you think. Or did you miss it?


now I
It's a calendar for Jason's birthday!

you'll need a big *** cake for Ron's


ok, who's the Big Banana?
Bill, I LIKE it!
As a PFG, I gotta know, how many birthdays do we GET in a year???
FGII gets at least 6 a year...

(Payback O! Remember that night in Khazakistan??)
Man, 50 sounds soooo much older when someone else says it!

Very cool, framer.

A question about the calendar, though:

On dates with two or more events - when you click on the "two events" link, nothing happens. How do we find out what the two events are?

Or do we just have to wait for that day to arrive?
Ron, click the link for the event or day and then after it refreshes scroll to the bottom of the calendar and the message/event box appears.


It also will put a birthday cake next to every post that persons made for the day. In your case Ron, thats serious...
Framer, I'd think you'd wanna lay off the teasing. I am, after all, your best customer. :D

Okay, so click, refresh and scroll down. Got it. Thanks.

I checked on the two events for Dec. 31 and was at least slightly surprised to see one of them:
EllenAtHowards was born on this day 10 years ago.
I met Ellen in Atlanta in 2002 and would have guessed her to be in her mid-twenties, at least.
I wonder if that was "The surprise" or if there is more to come......I kind of had my heart set on a coffee and wine bar or possibly a place we could all do our poetry readings and haiku til the cows come home. If wishes were fishes.....
Hi Framer!
Nice calendar
, BUT my birthday is not listed

Am I not high enough on the Grumble ladder??

P.S.: My birthday is on June 22th. I will be 34 this year.
The Cat and others:

The way to make your birthday appear on the calendar is to put it in your profile and specify that it be visible to others.

If you do that, the rest is automatic. If you don't, neither framer nor the moderators are going to hunt down and type in 2500 birthdays.
Also I need to update the users records to have it pick up changes and new users. I plan I doing that once a month.