Supreme Grumbler, True Grumbler, etc.


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 8, 2004
Hi All,

Does any body know exactly how the designations of Grumbler, true Grumbler etc. work?

Not that I am an overachiever or anything or that the title True Grumbler will entitle me to a better parking space but I was just wondering what I did to be redesignated every so often.

I have 3 theories on this....

1. It depends on how many times you visit the site.
B. It depends on how many posts you participate in.
III. There is a little blue monkey that draws titles out of a velvet purse he calls Mr. Stnky.

The Grumbler powers that be (RON) are quaking at the fact that I might have stumbled onto their Blue monkey secret. If I disapear from the grumble tell the papers and news of this charade before they get you tooo!!!

But really how does this work? (Just curious)

Happy Easter everyone.
And not only that, but Charles is a "Picture Framing God." (but it's something like your signature line - framers, and cats and biscuits, just cause he ain't don't mean he is ...)

And Kathy is too, not a "goddess" mind ya'. There's only one Edie the FG! But there's a FGII

confused yet?

Ron, quick...dye the monkey a different color.

Jb, The official line is that your status is directly linked to the number of posts you make (nod, wink).

The problem being is that all that's left after Framing God is becoming a customer service agent for an insurance company. Some people don't believe in purgatory.
From the FAQ:

What are user titles?

Each registered member has a title that reflects his or her "rank" on this board. Administrators are given the title "Administrator". Moderators are given the title "SGFM, Supreme Grumbler". Some members are given special titles by the administration. All other users are given their titles based on the number of posts they have made: Posts Title
0 Grumbler in training
20 Grumbler
50 True Grumbler
100 CGF, Certified Grumbler
200 CGF II, Certified Grumbler II
500 MGF Master Grumbler
1000 SGF Supreme Grumbler
4000 Picture Framing God PFG
10000 ***** Ron Edger ***** Supreme Grumbler God SGG
Click on the FAQ link at the top of the page. The criterea for each category (based on number of posts) is listed. Do 8 more posts and you will be a CGF, Certified Grumbler.
Hey, this is the first I've heard of my status, Betty noticed before I did.....why wasn't I told, or at least issued a certificate of recognition? I would like it to be more gender specific too please, Since the Goddess has alreadly been taken how about Picture Framing Queen? I can live up to the title, fer sure.
Originally posted by Mecianne:

10000 ***** Ron Edger ***** Supreme Grumbler God SGG
Hey Ron, they spelled your name wrong!

Kathy - you're over 150 beyond PFG - whatcha mean you hadn't noticed?

I seriously have not noticed Betty. I am honored, I wish I had prepared a speech. I am so self involved right now that I did not notice.........but I will assume my role as Picture Framing God until a more suitable title can be arranged and I will fulfill my duties to the best of my abilities.
I like answer # III

Tell me, is the little blue monkey "Omar" or is that Mr. Stinky? BTW where has "Omar" been?
Last I heard, he was working on a "Thong Aversion Syndrome"
Originally posted by B. Newman:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Mecianne:

10000 ***** Ron Edger ***** Supreme Grumbler God SGG
Hey Ron, they spelled your name wrong!</font>[/QUOTE]This is the "other" Ron. You know, more Ron....
Four more to go! (REALLY SLOW DAY)

Down Monkey!!!!
Three more to go! I need a hobby!

Monkey OUT!
Two more to go. This is getting a little pathetic and boring but can't seem to stop for some weird reason.
Is this like Grumble stalking?

Will I now be looked down upon by other grumblers because of this non stop posting?
yes ;)
No if you stop now, you are not only a weirdo, but a weirdo quitter!
One away from the big dance "Certified Grumbler CGF"

I guess that's better than an SOB or DDS or A$$ (went politically correct for that last one. Didn't want to jeopardize my new stature in the community with foul language.)

To all those that made this moment possible, Thank you.
OK last one.

Quick question...My little picture under my name...what is it?
I thought at first it was a dragon looking into a castle but now I'm just not sure.
One question answered hundreds more to go.
I've actually annoyed myself with all of this now so I bid you all a happy easter.

Certification here I come!!!!!!!!!!!
(Thank God, that's over)
I have to admit that this has been one of the most thought provoking threads to appear on the Grumble in a long time! :D :D :D

John (slowly working my way towards 1,000)
Only 24 more posts to go for you, John!

Hey it was nice seeing you Monday at the PPFA meeting. Thanks for a great presentation!

Don't EVEN go there, Derek!!

At the rate I'm going I'll be dead before I attain Picture Framing God status. I've been at it for almost six years now too! (I'm only posting this so I can see my post count. ;)
I've only 19 to go before re-certification. (This is warped...hah...pun intended!)

BTW, Finley....what does a Weed Superintendent do anyway?
When you hit 10,000, they forget how to spell your name.

How 'bout it, Bill MkCay? What's the deal here?
Originally posted by JbNormandog:
Quick question...My little picture under my name...what is it?
It's called an "Avatar", or in the case of air-heads: an "Aviator".

Your picture is a bicycle sprocket, which would make you a "gear head" not a Aviator... That would be JRB.. :D

Oooooo, Wait a minute..... yeah, if you squint kinda like this and tip your head a bit.... I think I know how you got that dragon idea....

Someone's mother had unsticky fingers... :D

actually that is one that when I first saw it, I whipped out my trusty magnifiying glass...

what ever it is, don't get rid of it, it fits you.
have a great weekend celibrating you new status.
A weed superintendent sprays noxious weeds on County roads, and can be hired to spray on private land. A cowboy on a spray rig, with a profound philosophy on life.
I feel a little responsible for this.
I think Jb's avatar is some big critter (Godzilla like)pushing over a lighthouse.

Hey maybe it's wiping out one of TK's small villages! I'd buy one of those!

I dunno....Ask Jay Hartman!!!!! :D
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I can't help myself.

Somebody stop me!

For self-designated 'achievers' we need a thread that consists solely of fake posts designed merely to boost the ol' numbers. This would be sort of like .... no, it wouldn't be like that at all. We could call it The Falsies Forum.
Is anybody unclear about why this thread, and a corresponding thread on Warped,
have become the wide-screen versions?

Any time you post a photograph or a link or any long string of text that is wider
than most monitors, it forces the readers (if there are any left) to scroll horizontally
to read any post on the page.

Not that this is inherently evil, but it may be a minor annoyance to some.

This thread isn't likely to break any records for length, but it is tied for the width record.
I think Joy was posting a message in binary. Of course, there's a binary code for 'space'. Just be glad she didn't use hexadecimal or octal!

(She may be going through Nyquil withdrawal) When you get to work, check in the DSM-IV for 291.8 or 291.0, it may be covered by insurance.