Superficial scratches in metal moulding.

Doug Gemmell

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 17, 2002
Everett, WA
Is there a way to reduce or eliminate light scratches in a gold Nielson 03 type finish?
You could try plexiglass polish. I have had good luck with it on both plex and on a wood finish (probably varnish) Don't ask about why I was polishing a wood finish.
I've had some success using a small amount of cleanser (such as Comet) on a damp paper towel. While it works well all around, it's especially good on white metal mouldings. Oh, and Ellen... why were you polishing a wood finish?
Didn't I tell you not to ask?! welll, it involved an abortive attempt to blend in a patch where a screw penetrated the face of a frame. And of course, we just ended up replacing the thing, which is what we should have done in the first place...
Plastic polish is a great tool for polishing welded aluminum frames that have dull, oxidized
faces. They are not anodized and polish takes off
the oxidized metal very well. How well it works
on anodized frames, only Ellen knows for sure.

How about the "rubbing/polishing compound" that people use to get the minute scratches out of cars? You can get the stuff in the auto department of K*M*rt or an auto parts store.

I haven't tried it myself so I can't say how good it would be on a metal moulding, but it would be nice if someone (other than me) tried it.
I think your best best to remove scratches from a high-gloss anodozed metal would be to turn it into a satin anodized metal.

Maybe sand-blasting?