super-thin custom frame


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Jun 13, 2002
Sacramento, California
This is another one for my digital camera... but my 4-year-old son decided to play hide-and-seek with my camera's batteries. *sigh*

Here's what we have:
A metal base with bronzed baby shoes mounted to it. Behind the base sits a channel no more than 3/8" deep (or wide, depending on how you're thinking about it) where a metal frame sits with the photo of the baby. Problem is that the original frame is bent and she would like to replace it with something that will still fit down inside that narrow channel. She sounds willing to spend the cash to have something custom made but I know of no one who can do this.

I'll try to post a picture within the next couple of days so this may make more sense.

Thanks for any and all suggestions!
It takes a metal frame like you would get from Burns of Boston. Or you can have a nice one made in silver by a jeweler who knows how to fold flat work.