Summer Shows


Aug 16, 2004
Does anyone know of any upcoming shows for this summer that would make since to attend. I am a vendor and havent seen anything being advertised.
There was talk of one in NYC in mid summer or fall. Sorry not a lot of detail here but I know it is not run by the usual big guys, this one was rumored to be run by someone new.

If I get new info I will post a thread about it.
DecorExpo-Atlanta is next, and then the October New York show will be on the Piers.

Generally, summer is the time for regional & local shows by distributors & PPFA.
I see the Bozeman MT show which is hard to get to from the East Coast and the TX show, same problem. I love the Atlanta show have gone now for 10 years. Have signed up for the NY in October and hope that Bill C and AL F. have it all worked out. Summer almost here a warm 44 in Maine today