Suggestions Needed


CGF II, Certified Grumble Framer Level 2
Mar 10, 2004
I have a relatively large piece (28" x 29") that has multiple openings for photos with a program book mounted in the center. We're having problems with the mat and photos bowing at the top, more so on one side than the other. Any suggestions on how to stop the mat from bowing out? Thanks!
When doing any piece that we suspect the mat might decide to take a bow (hehehe) we put a few small strips of ATG and then dots of Elmers where they won't touch anything but the mat and backing. Stick it down and let it dry. This makes a much more stable package. We use dots of glue instead of ribbons of glue, because you just KNOW if you use ribbons you will have to separate the mat from the backing. The dots make it easy to po apart, but yet sturdy enough to stand up and NOT take a bow. (I thought that was funny enough that I should say it twice HEHEHEHE)
I agree with Ellen, as usual. But one more thought -- don't rely on ATG alone to hold under any kind of stress. It will hold temporarliy, until the glue dries, but will not hold long-term. That's what the dots of glue are for.