Opinions Wanted Suggestions for low temp mounting


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Jun 17, 2005
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I often run into the problem of digital prints being sensitive to the temps normally used for drymounting. I don't know any technical terms for the type of printing that is prone to this, just a vague recognition of something that looks like it'll probably end badly. I hear a lot of praise for Kool tack tissue but can't find a source for it. Our usual vendors have a variety of tissues available but catalogues don't show specifics about dwell time and temps, reversibility, acid free, etc. Can you all pipe in and share your expertise on this subject? Currently we use ragmount for our all around go to tissue, fusion for thing like newsprint and fabric sometimes, and PMA for things we want to avoid heat on. We get deliveries from LJ, New West, and Omega. Does anyone have experience with any of the lower temp tissues they carry, and can tell me which they might be?

Rob Markoff

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Mar 8, 1999
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I really like the Mount-Cor fomeboards from Gilman. Larson has the exclusive distribution rights.

It mounts at 130 degrees in 30 seconds and bonds as it heats, not as it cools. It is ultra smooth.

Each sheet comes with a protective cover sheet too. I don't know of any other product like it.



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Apr 5, 2008
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Amy, the closest I could find was KoolTack thin mounting board, at
.050" thick, but that's still not a tissue, and you'd still have to attach
that to the customer's backing. I've suggested to them that they
also offer it with adhesive on both sides, so that one could mount
art to it, and it to a backing, all at the same time.

One thing to be mindful of when you hear people talk about their
dwell times is whether they're using a roller or vacuum press.
The times and temps might vary depending on which it is.