suede/fabric mat to match purple heart


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Mar 25, 2004
Tampa, FL
had a customer today bring in her fathers' 60+year overdue purple heart---wants to triple mat with something matching the ribbons' purple color & really likes seude stuff......nothing in artiq/crescent/bainb. to come close....anyone know of any other manufacturer who has same?????
I dont do, as yet, wrapped mats but looks like this would be a perfect application...just dont think I have the time-frame to learn what it's all about and get "good" at it

thanks all.
You can order the mats wrapped from a few of the fabric suppliers. Yeah, yeah, I know - we should all do everything ourselves, but sometimes, with a long mat of a fabric I won't use again soon it makes more sense to let someone else do it.

I can't steer you toward a specific match for the Purple heart, not having one here for comparison, but it sounds like a neat project. Best Wishes with it.
Raphael's Fabrics has an antique satin ("Eggplant" #1470) that may work and as Meghan says, they can wrap it for you.

Also try Frank's Fabrics (Baer Charlton). They might have something too.
I think the match for the ribbon would be in a Moree silk, and yes, we can do the mat for you.

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Frank sponsors part of the cost of giving classes, and Philip LaMarsh (Gryphon Moulding) is up for sponsoring part too. Soo it makes it easier for smaller chapters and guilds to bring me in to teach hands-on.

But I like your list... but it looks more like:

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by the way, did I mention that I've known Frank since he started the whole idea of supplying fabric to framers, about 30 years ago?

Thanks for asking Paul. I love any chance to talk about fabric and Frank. And that Gryphon is willing to partner up, is a new thing since our lunch on Wednesday. I'm very excited about what this can mean for more framers across the USA.
Should be headed to 53 East on Monday Paul.

Questions can always be addressed also by calling Frank or Moisess at 888-332-2749 or they can give you my cell number too.