Sue May and the Dreaded Page Not found


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jul 5, 2001
Savannah, GA
Framerguy, Ron and you other Web Wizards,
Sue can't access The Grumble through MSN she gets the Dreaded "PAGE NOT FOUND...." error.
She can go other places just not and it's making her really ill. This was happening last night when I was IM'ing with her at the same time that I was on The G, I told her it sounded like MSN was having a problem not her but then again I know beans about most of this WEB S***, it's hard enough to keep up with Windows and Hardware problems.
I have MSN, but haven't had any problems at all accessing the G. SOMETIMES, though, I can't get to some of my 'favorites'. When that happens, I've found that if I type in the, and hit enter, it will take me there, then I can bookmark the site as a 'favorite'. After that, 'favorites' works ok.

I am SO-o-o-o-o tired of getting 'booted' off-line with MSN that I'm about ready to go to Earthlink or Joe's ISP! And, God forbid MSN admit THEY have a problem...

One thing they did tell me to do, and it helped, was to go thru some arcane procedure that, in effect, deletes your cookies. At first I was hesitant, because I thought I'd have to do the sign-in thing on ALL the sites. They assured me I wouldn't, that the 'puter would remember them. It worked slick as grease.

I don't remember how in the h@ll I did it, but I'm sure you know how. Perhaps that would help Sue's problem???
I vote we leave well enough alone. I can only spend so much time in my room, especially alone!


(Remind me to edit this if/when Sue May actually gets back into The grumble.)

In truth, I am no web wizard. I have a website somewhere that is two-years obsolete. I can't edit it, I can't shut it down, I can't even remember the address. I think the internet is magic - sometimes evil magic, at that.

But I am a Supreme Grumbler!
I'm BACK!!!!

Actually the problem was the phone number I was dialing into... it was too busy. They also suggested that I delete my cookies. (I wanted to eat my cookies, but Howard, at MSN, said that I couldn't.)

So... I guess that I will delete my cookies as soon as I can.
Does that mean that I was right again?

Or m I just 2 COCKY

I have three ISP's., and

MSN is inadequate and suffers from traffic jams system lockups. is cable modem and is very expensive to have at the gallery, in addition to needing a cable modem and cable installation. The business usage charge is $99.00 per month. But it is wonderful and super super fast. is a local ISP with adequate resources to provide good service at a reasonable price.

Now to make matters worse I am moving to Atlanta. There is no with their cable modem and would be a very expensive long distance call. So that leaves me with pokey congested ole

Anyone use MSN dsl in Atlanta?

I think I feel a country western song coming on about this issue.
It wasn't our "cookies"! For some reason (I will never understand) we solved the problem by changing the dial-up phone number to another one. (They provide us with 4 different ones in our local phone area.) Two of them let us into The Grumble, the other two don't.

So we still have our cookies and The Grumble.

Ron, I agree with you. The internet is magic, but so is everything connected to computers.