Success thanks to you!

Sherry Lee

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 25, 2002
Phoenix, Az.
Many of you gave me great input on how to tackle my pair of "Door To Door Oils" that were so dry and stiff, stretching attempt caused severe cracking with paint loss. I pooled all of your suggestions, utilized what was appropriate for this task, went with it and turned these poor quality pieces into salvaged, beautiful presentations. The customer was extremely happy.

(I cut a small strip from the canvas trim and have kept it should I ever need a demonstration. I have lovely oils on supple canvas to show the good example. When you bend the strip of canvas from the "Door To Door Oil", you can actually hear and see it crack.)

Ultimately, I used Needleart (aka Needlepoint) board as the substrate. I stapled along the top of the oil with our new Rocama 16/ST50 hand tacker using the outward clinch mode and stainless steel staples. Archival mounting corners were placed on the bottom two corners. I put a Bainbridge Tuscany Grotto style mat around each of them (looks GREAT with oils) using reverse bevel, and topped it with spacers and glazing. The chosen moulding tops it all off!

We saw this Rocama at a recent trade show. Many lecturers were thrilled with the product and now I know why.

So, to all of you that aided in this project, a big thanks! Looking back, it was very's finding the right products and approach that's hardest.