substancial backing


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Nov 29, 1999
I need something stronger than rag board to back a large print. Conservation wise what are my choices? Thanks! Can you smell the turkey from there?
1. 8-ply or 12-ply alphacellulose board

2. 4 mm or 6 mm fluted polypropylene, lined with 4-ply or 8-ply alphacellulose board; may be laminated together with multiple strips of 3M #889 double-sided tape, then weighted or vacuum pressed to secure the bond.

3. two or three 4-ply alphacellulose boards, laminated together - preferably with starch paste in a vacuum press. Or you could tape them as described above.

4. 3/16" acid free foam center board, lined with alphacellulose board.
Don't we pretty much always need something stronger than 4-ply rag to back any but the smallest of prints?
depending on the weight, if heavy you could use the acid free corogated and cross laminate the grain, then laminate a rag board to that. use 1/4 plexi and laminate rag to that, or even use diebond in the same fashion

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