Stupid Question - CUTTING Conservation Glass


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Feb 21, 2005
I am new to the framing industry just trying to learn about cutting glass. I have a Fletcher 3000. Today was the first day I tried cutting conservation glass. Why is it breaking and not cutting cleanly? I know it's thicker glass so I changed to a fresh wheel but it still won't cut cleanly. Do I need a different size wheel or what. Told you this was a stupid question but i have to know.

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Conservation glass is coated on one side (the uv protection). You must cut the un-coated side. If you are using Tru-Vue glass, there will be printed text on the very outside edge of the lite of glass indicating which side to cut. Other glass companies usually have a small sticker indicating the uv coated side.

Good luck!

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You haven't been in the business long enough to need to change out your wheel.... In fact, you should get about a year or three out of that wheel..

Heck, we got about 25 years out of our last wall cutter.... blades on the other hand get changed all the time. :D

As Hobbes pointed out the coating is on one side.... if the wheel seems to just dance on the surface instead of cut... flip the pane over... but leave the wheel.

Stick around and you will soon find out that this was one of the more sane and intelligent questions that can be asked.
BTW if the printing has been cut off already, or is missing I use a matcutter blade or slightly scratch/scrape the glass (on the waste side of the cut!) The coated side scratches and the uncoated side doesn't. Score on the uncoated side!

Good luck, it'll become second naturesoon enough.
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Here's a suggestion I might have missed in the other replies:

Your new cutting wheel should be used with only slight pressure on the glass, as the best glass cuts are made with a faint scratch of the cutting wheel.

To put it another way, if you have too much pressure of your cutting wheel on the glass, the score will have ragged edges and might shed tiny flakes of glass as the wheel runs on the surface. These symptoms usually result in a less-than-perfect glass cut.