student art


Feb 26, 2006
Union Springs, New York
Hi everyone!
I am doing a project for a high school right now...they have created gallery space for 9th grade art students in which 9 pieces are displayed every semester to help the kids build confidence in that transitional year.

They are collages done on watercolor paper, decorated right up to the edge. Some are very warped and stiff because of glue. All of the edges are curled up. Many are 3 dimentional.

How would you mount them?
In the past (pre-Grumble) I spray mounted them, and put them in the vacuum press. Those were not decorated to the edge, so my window mat was an inch or so over the edges in case they started curling up. I was thinking of spray mounting these, then overlapping the edges with a window mat by 1/4" or less (probably using black mat with black core), gluing down the mat, then make a spacer using foam core flat against the frame rabbet to hold up the glass. Make sense?

not like your doing Picasso.....spray em,do em, get em out the door. use enough edge covering to make it easy on YOU. your spacer idea sounds sound