stuck to glass?


Jan 10, 2005
I was just wondering what kinds of artwork or things have you seen that were stuck to glass, or otherwise deteriorated due to being up against a piece of glass without spacers...just curious...
Photographs, paintings on fabrics, children's artwork, record album covers, lots and lots of other stuff that I can't think of right now.
I thought the only thing that really stuck to glass was photos. So two questions do these things also stick to acrylic? And what is your favored spacer if there isn't any mats?
The things I listed are things that should not be up against the glass... period! I just put them on their because schnoubi also asked for things that would deteriorate or be damaged... I've taken apart frames with these and have noticed a residue on the glass and damage to the pieces. It's probably from humidity and the rubbing of shedding particals from the lead and pastels.
Thank you--I was wondering because sometimes I find it hard to put on the spacer and not have the print appear very bubbly or even pucker up in the middle and slip past the spacer. Does anyone have any thoughts they would like to share about when it is possible to leave out the spacer, the best way to install the spacer, etc...
Leave out the spacers if the item is truly temporary or disposable.

Spacers really only work well when the item is dry mounted so it's flat to begin with. I am highly skeptical of spacers placed on the edges of unmounted paper.

I use the adhesive-backed spacers only in the smallest size for smaller mounted photos and the s-channel spacers for anything deeper. For the latter, seam the glass with a whetstone for easier installation.

The FrameTek website almost certainly has a tutorial on this.
If you wanted to frame a piece of regular glass would you use spacers? Would the glass be affected by itself if it was framed? What if you wanted to frame spacers, what would you do?
If you put a mirror in front of itself would you have visual infinity?
Will a slinky on an escalator move forever?
Forget these framing questions, there is a bigger picture out there.. and I want to frame it.

Sorry, it's been a weird day, great question schnoubi I was wondering it myself.