stretching or mounting vinyl

cheri callen

Grumbler in Training
Apr 3, 2006
omaha, ne
Hi Everyone,

A lady came into our shop wanting us to frame a print like her matching piece. Her former piece was printed onto canvas and we stretched onto stretcher bar. This new one is printed onto vinyl and is signed and numbered. The vinyl is also backed with a photograph paper. Any suggestion one how to mount or stretch this piece? Thanks, Cheri
One option would to have it transfered to canvas, but this ruins the print. Other than that i don't think it can be stretched in any way. I'm guessing her first one was framed as a canvas, meaning no glazing? This is where customer education comes into play and you get to teach the customer why her choice was not best suited for her needs.
Is it possible for her to return the print and purchase it on canvas? Can you aquire some similar material and stretch that to see what would actually happen if you were to stretch it? Cover yourself and make sure the customer signs a release before you alter her piece ,if thats what you choose to do.
I don't recall ever seeing an assembly such as you describe, but here's a tidbit that may be useful: Paper will not stretch. If you attempt to stretch paper, its fibers will disintegrate.

If what you have is a paper print that has been laminated with PVC laminate, then you can "split the paper" -- that is, simply peel the vinyl and the image off the paper. Then you could mount it to canvas. This is the usual procedure for canvas transfers, which may or may not be texturized with brush strokes in acrylic gel.
Was there a frame on the first piece? If this piece is going to get a frame around it I would mount to Artcare Restore. This would allow for the piece to be returned to its original condition in the future.