Stretching a Gallery Wrap canvas??


PFG, Picture Framing God
Apr 12, 2001
Destin, Florida
I had to do one of these yesterday. It was a "giclee" from a local artist and he wanted me to gallery wrap it for him. No problem except that there wasn't enough canvas around the edges to grip with stretching pliers and I had to go to Home Depot and buy some 1x2 poplar to build a reinforced strainer for it. That also didn't pose any real problem except for the time it took to relieve the edges and put a slight taper on the face of the strainer stock.

Now my question is this: is there strainer stock available for gallery wrapped canvasses? Most of the gallery wrapped originals in our gallery have inch and a half square stock being used for strainers. I don't have all of my equipment down here yet and my table saw is one piece that I really need for this if I can't find stock available.

Tom contact Joe at Larson .He's been very busy since Katrina ( they are the only game in town in the N.O. Area) But when last I checked that had 3 different sizes of stariner stock. None of it was square but it worked fine.I 'm sure he'd be glad to know you're back and who you're with now.
You can also contact Raphael's out in California. They have I think 3 different sizes of gallery wrap strainer stock (am at home and the catalog is at work).

Thanks Buddy, glad to see you posting and hope that you and Marie are making some headway to getting back some of your life. I don't know what has ensued since we talked when you were in So. Texas so I would appreciate an email sometime to get me caught up.

I remember the strainer stock that LJ carried and they did indeed have 3 sizes but no gallery wrap strainer stock that I recall. I am new to some of this original art language (see, you CAN teach an old dog some new stuff once in awhile!!) and I don't remember "gallery wrap" being mentioned on the G before, it is a new technique to me anyway. I had no problem building the strainer from scratch but it IS time consuming to do it correctly and time adds that much extra to the finished price of the piece.


Thanks for the tip on Raphael's. I will contact them next week and see what they have to offer. I haven't asked my usual distributors here in the MS,AL,FL,GA area yet as this just came up this week but I will contact all of them and I am sure that I will find what I need.