Stretching a flimsy large flag


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jun 13, 2002
Fingerlakes Region of NYS
I am in the process of stretching a rather large and flimsy flag. It is NOT an heirloom piece - just a fun piece. The material is so flimsy, slippery and thin, it requires a color mat board under it to avoid the moire pattern showing if I had used foamcore. Since I am using a mat board and don't have the thickness of foamcore to push pins into, what other method has anyone used?


I guess black foamboard would be too dark for the flag, eh?

If it isn't of any collector value, could you drymount a piece of colored paper to a white foamboard sheet and then proceed as you would to stretch a silk scarf? I would figure out a way to use foamboard/pins for the mounting as that is what I am most comfortable doing. But there are other alternatives out there for you.

(Wait 'till everyone has their morning coffee and I'm sure you'll get some other ideas.)

If you are matting over the edges, you could glue together two pieces of mat board, and then use an upholstry staple around the edges. I have done this for a dishtowel (Yup, you read right, dishtowel). Cut the doubled mat board oversize. Place it on a couple of layers of cardboard, and use a upholstry gun to staple the edges. You can use the edge of the matboard to make sure you get a straight and square mounting. Once it is all stapled flip the thing over, pull the cardboard off and push the ends of the staples over. I pull the rounded edge of a pair of pliers along the staples. Tape over the exposed staple ends so they don't stick out and you are ready to cut a mat and frame...

The tablecloth was a memento of a trip to Portugal and had one of those "travel" scenes on it!....Really!

Great idea, Judy!

That one gets filed away for MY use also.

Framerguy - you were right, once everyone had their morning coffee - wow. (And, yes, black is too dark for this flag!)

Thank you all... You have given me solutions to my challenge - I am thinking of a combination of a couple of these!!
Roz - why not use matboard with foam board behind? You could dry mount or spray mount or use white glue and a roller so the matboard didn't warp in the middle.

Just my 2 cents.
Over stretcher bars, stretch the nylon window screening, then fabric. You can easily sew through the two and secure the flag....

On my "to-do" list is a Spanish-American war US Flag... shot up and falling apart.
All is done - the complication was the metal frame rabbet limitations that I failed to consider before ordering... won't do that again(we hope).

But I was able to use my newest shop tool - the "Foamcore Edge Crusher and Roller" - worked beautifully!

Thanks all!