stretcher bars


Jan 28, 2005
Salt Lake City Utah
Hello everyone, I'm new to the site...heard about it @WCAF trade show. I work at a small frame shop/gallery in Salt Lake City Utah, our staff consists of the owner and myself. While at the trade show I was overwhelmed with the info that I received...very rewarding. Now it's time to put it into action!
I have a few questions about stretcher bars, of course I didn't think of these things until the trade show was over!
First, is it possible to get expandable bars in custom sizes , if so where could we find them, and hopefully @wholesale prices? Where can we find and order aluminum expandable bars w/corner keys...wholesale prices?? Is brick moulding available in expandable form for gallery wraps?
That's probably it for now...can't wait for feedback! THANK YOU!
Foster Planing Mill (323)759-9156 makes all types of WOOD stretcher bars in custom sizes, with or without cross supports.

It is just like ordering chopped frames, just give them your dimensions. I have found that it is better to slightly undersize the dimensions by a 1/16" when ordering.
Welcome to The Grumble.

On the “stretcher/strainer” discussions, I fall on the side of strainers.

You can buy 100 foot stock in three different widths from Larson-Juhl which allows you to cut the rails to any fractional dimension. With strainers you secure the corners so that they always remain square as you are mounting the canvas. This does not allow for “keying” the corners once you are through, but with proper tension during the stretching process, you should not have to.

Do a “search” at the stop of the page and enter “strainer stretcher” and you’ll get lots and lots of ideas and opinions.
Brande, go to see that you made it home safe and found the Grumbe. I told you it was a great place to hang.

Expanding stretcher bars... Track down Penthouse in Burbank, CA. They make 3-5 thicknesses, custom sized and keyed.
Thanks for the ideas! I am so glad to have this site as a resource...hopefully I will be able to contribute along the way!