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Apr 9, 2001
Clayton, NC
I've recently gotten two emails, with attachments that end in .email. XP will open them, but I sent one to MM, and she's running 98SE, and hers wouldn't open it.
Is this something new? Is there a way to change the suffix from .email to something else?
Anne, I have the latest version of Norton, and it automatically scans everyting for viruses.
I sent the same email that I did to MM to Kit, and she couldn't open, or save it.
These attachments are the first I've seem with the .email suffix.
I'm hoping some of the computer gurus will have an answer.
The virus possibility is/was a great idea, but the Norton updates itself every week or so, and it scans anything I download.....go figure :rolleyes:
If you save the file to your hard drive you can then use Explorer to change the file name and extension by selecting the file and then clicking on the name (not a double click).

The best idea I can think of at this time would be to change the extension to *.eml as this is common for email files. Falling short you could copy the the email and paste it into a new file.