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SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Jan 15, 2005
Martha's Vineyard Vineyard Haven MA
Going to do some remodling
We are looking for swinging door moulding corner display systems. Does anyone have any recommendations?
I made some swinging door displays. They were heavy as all get out and caused major headaches. They ripped through the wallboard, they sagged and the corners sprung under the weight of all the moulding.

Sliding door layouts don't give as much square footage as swinging doors, but there are definitely less headaches with the sliders!

Ended up making two spinning displays, These worked well for 2 years. Gave them to a competitor when I was remodeling.

Now I have 6 sets of drawers built into the design counter. 4 are 22w by 36 deep by 12 high with 4 drawers in each. the other 2 are 31 wide, 36 deep by 15 tall with 5 sets of drawers in them. As well as the 15' of wall space. The samples on the wall are hung in a sunburst layout. Very visually appealing and takes better advantage of the wall space than standard vertical hanging did.

I think there are as many ways to hang samples as there are frame shops. Have fun! And remember any change made can be changed in its own right.
Anyone else have any suggestions?

Can't beleive that I am the only one here that has tried out swinging doors, or remodeled! Actually I know I'm not as I stole the wall hanging method and the drawers from a PPFA article! Actually had the idea then saw the article and it spurred me to carry out my thoughts.
I posted on this a while ago, I used hollow closet doors and covered with carpet, dowels in top & bottom, adjustable hole widths for a jig on top & bottom. looks great & works well, and not too heavy!

I never got a response from Cundy's, so my husband and I designed and built our own system
Doug, I have a swinging door system for sale. It was made by miller-multplex. it has 8 4x6 panels & all the mounting hardware. the pages are grey velcro fabric and is in excellent condition. The cost is $1000
Thanks Dave BUT we are on the island of Martha's Vineyard off the coast of Cape Cod MA. It would probably cost another grand to get it here, maybe less if it floats?
A few months ago I had a slider door system built for my corner samples and it's great. Looks really nice and is very functional and I'm able to display more corner samples in a smaller space than I could previously.