Stop by for FREE gift at booth 1841

Patricia Kotnour

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
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Mar 11, 2003
Hastings, MN
CEO of Attach-EZ, inc
For those G's who are attending the Las Vegas WCAF show, be sure to stop by the Attach-EZ booth 1841 for a free gift. All you have to do is leave a business card with your shop name to receive this gift. (Limited to the first 150 and one per shop. Hint: One part is very sharp, one is very black, and one is shorter than normal:u:

Demonstrations of the use of the EZ-Tach fasteners to adapt to any thread; the easiest ways to mount Jersey's to take the stress off the needles; ways to mount heavier objects and three dimensional artwork; the quickest way to mount name doilies; the Attach-EZ, and conservation frendly, way to stretch needle work such as counted cross stitch and needle point, using the Fine Fabric tool; will also be given throughout the show.
Just finished mounting 7 jerseys for a local
NBA star. Couldn't have done it without the Attach-EZ tool. It sure makes my life easier.
Thanks Pat.
Wow, 7 jerseys for one guy! That should sure pay the rent. I'm impressed.