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Sticking Down Heavy Items


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Founding Member
Jul 30, 1997
Leawood, Kansas USA
I got a rush job last night: a designer's presentation board to show carpet, tile, paint samples, etc. We're using a 34 x 60 piece of carpet as the background and I need to stick to it a 6" heavy tile and several medium-weight metals rectangles.

The carpet is a tight loop commercial grade. I'm thinking of silicone. Any other suggestions? She doesn't want visible means of support and I can't blame her. Since this isn't C/P, I can use any horrible glue necessary.
Shur Stick mastic. Home Depot etc. carry it. Use the vinyl based adhesive. It is used to glue carpet to concrete floors as well as many other uses.
How about cutting holes in the carpet where the samples are supposed to go and then you can either glue it directly to the board the carpet is attached to or add a block of sorts to step the samples out a bit . Make the holes 5 1/2" square so the edge of the hole is covered by the samples. It will be far easier to do this than try to glue the samples to the pile of the carpet as well as no sagging of the samples from the thickness of the pile.
I do lot's of presentation boards for designers, hotglue works fine, just use a bunch of it.
Hey, thanx for being so quick! All great suggestions. Jeff, will Liquid Nail work? I have that on hand. Framah, that's a good idea as well: I'd planned on levels and that would make it easier.

And Rogatory, I've used hotglue before but I'm afraid of it. You've really had good luck? This board will be around for awhile and I'd hate to have something fall off in six months or so.
The one and only step more insidious than Liquid Nails [which is only intended to glue wood to wood], would be a product that you can also get at HomeDepot... Volkem. Push the nozzel down into the carpet and squeeze out some spots. Then make a slurry bed to place the objects on.

It will be dry in the morning....

If you get any on your clothes; throw them away.

It is great for patching Carharts....
Hmm, it's kind of a trade off. What kind of board are you going to be using and how long till they pick it up? You mentioned rush job, so I figured they needed it today.
Hot glue will not last long but is good for a couple of presentations.
Vinyl adhesives would probably be a good choice but the trade off is they take a long time to dry and smell bad for a long time. Same thing with silicone but it could peel off if say the designer slides it in the backseat of the car.
Liquid nail will hold for a little while and is designed to be put on something that won't move such as paneling.
If you use foamboard the face of the FB could seperate from the core due to the weight of the samples.
The base is 3/8" rigid f/c. Glue the carpet to it with something like y'all have mentioned, glue the samples to the carpet with something like that as well, then frame the thing with a large and substantial wooden moulding.

Everything's a challenge, eh? She needs it tomorrow so I'll be picking my poison pretty quickly here.
(Don't like that image of separation.) :(
Might as well throw in my two cents worth..

How about Gorrilla glue??? ( home depot )
Adv. as the strongest & best glue ever..
Be it all hype, haven't a clue..
Just know what its claims are..

I have used liquid nail and if applied right works great.
There seems to be more than one out there that will do the job.
anyone tried/thought about using good ol velcro??? just glue the crap out of the pieces, when dry, just toss em in..............I did a piece last year(kid piece) and made it so they could open it up and add/change display....it's still goin strong!
Self sticking velcro with some or any of the other mentioned glue to help hold for the long haul. There must be a way to use duct tape.