Sticking a sticker


SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 26, 2002
De Pere, WI
A customer wants the company logo mounted along with a magazine article. The logo he gave me to mount is approximately a 2-1/2x2-1/2 inch sticker.
Do I:
1) trust the adhesive on the sticker and just peel the backing and stick it to some mat board?
2) Put silicone on the sticker in addition to the existing adhesive?
3) Peel the backing and drymount it to mat board?

4) any of the above and place it in a cold drymount press for a couple minutes?

Any other ideas?
I'd probably just peel and stick. The chances are that the framing will be out-of-date before the thing falls off. And if it DOES fall off, I am sure your work is guaranteed, so you can take it apart and reattach if necessary. Why torture yourself?
Don't use silicone. It may (probably will) soak through the sticker and make a big, ugly mess. If it happens, it will be shortly after the framing is picked up and hung on the wall. (Silicone has some uncanny time-release feature to guarantee this.)

A <strike>really</strike> moderately elegant touch would be to cut a second window in the mat for the sticker.
I'll vote for peel 'n stick.

I like Ron's idea of a second window for the sticker. That way you don't have to get the sticker perfectly straight or centered. Just adjust the backing behind the window as necessary.

I think you should feel confident just peeling and sticking. I would be very afraid of the possible funky results using silicone. You'd just be inviting trouble there. Good luck.
Denny -
Peel & Stick - DO NOT put in your dry mount press - some of these stickers are made on the cheap and the inks could come off on the release paper or your platen (if you forget the release paper). My 2¢
It is called a "sticker" so let it work.

If it was called a faller offer I would have some hesitation but I think you will be ok.
Consider what the sticker is made to do. If it is made to stick permanently to something porous and fiberous, like matboard or fabric, then it should be OK. However, I would not suggest sticking it to a 'suede' matboard; use one with a smooth paper surface.

On the other hand, if it is made to be removable, or to stick to something like metal or glass, then I suggest another plan.
The first shop stickers I bought dried up after a few months and littered the floors of my customers' homes.

I complained to the vendor and they told me that their stickers were never meant to stick to kraft paper. I asked where they expected a picture framer to stick the stickers and also offered a few thoughts on where I'd LIKE to stick them.

So, yes, Jim's point is well taken. Some stickers don't stick.
If you peel 'n' stick it, it will last at least as long as YOUR sticker does on the back of the frame. :) Probably longer, as it's protected from the elements, inside the frame.
:cool: Rick
Thanks all,

The sticker is stuck. I should have mentioned (someday I'll learn to give more details at the git-go) I dry mounted the magazine article to black black core mat to float mount to another mat. The sticker is thicker then most I've seen and made from a plastic not paper. The adhesive on the back is pretty sticky stuff. So as most of you said I just stuck it to the matt board and put a nice bevel cut along the edges.

Today I finally did some dry mounting. Yesterday after six practice runs I figured the right temp and dwell time. Thanks for the help.
peel & stick, scratch & sniff...