stickiest ATG Tape


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Mar 9, 2006
Big Bend Texas
This week I was pursuing a thread on some framing subject and there was a mention of the stickiest ATG tape. Can't find the post now, does this ring a bell for anyone? Thanks, T
Welcome to the Grumble...

I believe the ATG tape that you are looking for is 3M's 969 ATG tape which is a heavy duty tape. I personally haven't used it, but Val mentioned using it to line shadowboxes in a posted topic in Feb. If you do a search on "ATG 969", you will find that specific topic.
I made some mention a few times about ASAP tapes especially their ATG tape. It has a surgical carrier embedded in the tape that makes it extremely strong and it has a very aggresive adhesive that is excellant for holding mats together and attaching dust covers to the backs of frames.

I wouldn't rely on any pressure-sensitive adhesive to support any amount of weight or withstand any kind of stress.

Most pressure-sensitive adhesives keep their adhesion by staying soft & pliable. So, under stress they will elongate and eventually fail.

For shadowbox sides, I suggest using a few stripes of ATG to hold only temporarily, until the spots of white glue dry, which will hold permanently. ATG alone will not work; the expansion/contraction cycles and gravitational stress make the mat/FC assemblies tend to warp a bit, and that pulls the ATG loose.

Another limitation of pressure-sensitive adhesives in some framing applications is that they all (repeat: ALL) require activation by burnishing, weight, or other pressure (the operative word). It is very difficult to burnish through a 4-ply board, and it's even more difficult to activate pressure sensitive adhesives stuck to the insides of a frame.

If you must rely on a pressure-sensitive adhesive, use a thin tape with a sturdy carrier, such as 3M #888/#887 (single-sided) and #889 (double-sided)
Thanks for the quick replies, sounds like there are several that would work. When I replaced the atg in my gun last week, all I had on hand was one that was more opaque than what I'd previously used. It didn't hold nearly as well as the more clear stuff. I mainly use it for the dust covers so perhaps the 969 will be toooo gummy?
I learn something every day! I thought there were only two types of ATG. The Acid free and regular. After trying the "acid free" tape, my first experience with ATG, it seems to have lower tack. On frames where the back board sticks out a bit, the dust cover peeled loose in spots. I'm now using the regular 3M ATG. Much better.

I assume other brand ATG rolls will fit my 3M dispenser?
I just use the 3M 924 ATG tape for adhering my dust covers and find it quite good. I had tried an ATG tape by Scapa and didn't find it stuck as well as the 3M's 924 tape.
I assume other brand ATG rolls will fit my 3M dispenser?
You assume too much, John.

Some are reverse wound (I'm not sure why,) some are oversize rolls to be used hand-held or with special guns and some have different carriers that may not work with the 3M applicator.

I use the 3M brand in my gun, a generic oversize brand for hand-held applications and a narrower 3M ATG for dust covers on narrower mouldings.

I keep some of the acid-free 3M on hand but, for the life of me, I can't remember what I use it for.

I think I may be gradually forgetting everything I ever knew about framing, so you may want to take any advice I offer with a grain of salt.

(I blame it on mad-cow disease.)
I don't even use a gun anymore. :D It's a waste of time and takes up space. We just have rolls of ATG just lying all over the place. I'ts faster too, the gun always gets junked up and the Atg roll stays put pretty well.

Just don't drop it, It will roll all over! :eek:

Yep, ATG 969 is the stuff. Use if you don't intend, ever, to make a mistake and try to peel it off. It will take with it whatever you put it on. But...make sure it's "fresh". Found some in the "new-old" shop, don't know how old it was, but it had turned yellow, petrified, and not very sticky. Only one roll though, I've never seen that before. Makes me wonder if it does that over the years on the framing projects it's stuck to. Never thought of that before.
So...I agree with Jim Miller, and in the future, when using 969 in my shadow box liners, I will back it up with a few drops of white glue, Corner Weld, perhaps??
And I'm with Ron about the acid-free stuff. Doesn't stick very well at all.
Acid-free ATG tape... seems like an oxymoron to me. Except for maybe attaching mats together in an archival treatment, no "vapors"? Am I correct in this assumption?
Ron, with all this new technology in framing, I also feel like I'm forgetting all I ever knew about framing...Mad Cow Disease also? Oldheimers? Or just plain new technology and sales reps telling us oldtimers that what's worked for us for years is bunk now? (Somehow, I think not, and Paul Fredericks might agree with me...RIGHT PAUL??)
The problem with using ATG as bonding agent for MANY applications (especially for installing fillets) is that it is a RUBBER based adhesive and it will crawl and/or dry out.

Just because something is "sticky" now does not mean it will remain so (or stay where you put it).
There are also "acrylic" based double sided adhesives that work much better and are the proper adhesives to use especially for fillets.

ASAP makes one that is slit to 1/4" that we showed at the PPFA Class in Orlando.

There is also a "new" tool called a "Glue Writer" that we demonstrated in my PPFA Class in Orlando that is an excellent alternative to ATG for attaching mats together.