Stick ATG between photo layer & Matboards?


Apr 27, 2003
I have never stuck ATG underneath the bottom matboard before but I have noticed that with framing work that I have done in the past, the matboarad has started to "rise" up a little bit and creates an undesirable void. I am contemplating placing ATG underneath the bottom matboard to alleviate this problem. It will then also be stuck to the inkjet photo underneath since the matboard overlaps the image area by 1/4". Obviously not an archival process and one which cannot be reversed bit what else can I do to prevent the matboard from rising? Specs: 4 ply rag & paper mats, inkjet photos drymounted with vacuum press. Thanks for any help. BTW; Searched for answers to this specific problem but ......... notta.
Are the matted photos in frames with glass? If so, the mats should be held tight enough against the glass so this doesn't happen. However, if your mats are cut to exactly the same size as the frame, that can cause gapping and bowing, especially in humid weather. They need to be just a bit smaller to allow for expansion and contraction.
Yes, the matted photos are placed within a frame and glass. Mats are cut with a CMC and then I add the standard 1/8" to the inside frame dimensions. We are located in Colorado where it is not that humid. Any other ideas? These are not limited edition prints and we can reprint them at any time but they still sell upwards of $400 - $600. Would you go ahead and place ATG under the matboards?
I put atg under the matboards with anything that is not suppose to be archival. I don't want to have the gaps that you talk about. I only do this with drymounted pieces or if the atg does not go on the artwork (the atg attaches from the bottom mat to the foam core just outside of the edges of the artwork.) I am a strong beliver in framing for the situation, so if it is not archival I make sure it is solid and will look good for years to come. Just my two cents.

Especially with large pieces or medium size pieces with a multi-opening mat, the backing (foam board in most of my applications) may bow away from the mat.

I have no problem with using transfer tape in non-archival situations. Just make sure that it doesn't contact the artwork.
earlydreams was asking about having the ATG stuck to a little of the photo. I'd have a problem with that, even with replaceable art, since any attempt to replace the mat will almost certainly damage the print.

Sure, you could replace the photo if you had to, but what if your customer moved from Colorado to Appleton and decided the mat didn't fit with the typical Wisconsin wall-color (white.) If I had to replace the mat, I'd probably say some bad things about the previous framer.

Besides, if you really want it to hold, you'll need some PVA glue or similar. ATG won't hold forever if there's any stress on the boards.
Matboard expands and contracts with changes in humidity. Any pressure on the back of the framing package will hinder the free expansion and contraction of matboards. The matboards will still expand and contract - this will result in bowing.

ATG tape is not permanent!
That happens to me occasionally on drymounted items too. If there isn't a safe border to apply a small amount of ATG I will counter mount the piece to help unbow the board. It is natural for the foamcore to bow when drymounted as the mounted item and adhesive are pulling on the board, so counter mounting the back side should pull it the other way and flatten out the board.

Hope that helps.
Remember that ATG is a pressure-senitive adhesive,
which means that the pressure of warping board
will cause it to loose its grip.