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Jun 17, 2005
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I have done a search for static mounts and found several threads on the subject. I got some real good how to tidbits that gave me a better idea of the process and even a little history. It seems that the full method and all it's quirks and secrets would be too long for any one person to type out all at once. That's cool I understand. But does anyone have any links to some articles that might give me some more information?
I have written and lectured about static mounting for years, as it remains the very best mounting technique for 100% polyester Ilfochrom Classics (Cibachromes)around. I checked the Picture Framing Magazine archives for my past articles but unfortunately the two from my column MASTERING MOUNTING are not offered a .pdf files for download. Check with them directly for copies of October 1992, "What To Do With Ilfochromes", and February 1997, "Tataic Mounting Ilfochrome Classics". You will also find complete directions in my book, T"he Mounting And Laminating Handbook, second edition".

If you still have those articles you wrote, perhaps you could store them on your website and post a link to to download them here?
Ormond, I believe for the next 28 and 33 years respectfully, she may be up against a copywrite problem with that unless PFM would release them for that purpose.

I know that when I sold my article, they would only take it with "All" rights as a work for hire contract.
That puts the kibosh on that idea then!
Chris earns her living by writing and teaching. The sale of intellectual property from books, magazine articles, and classes should rightfully enhance her financial situation. Chris should hesitate to offer such valuable information at no charge.

I suggest paying the lady and being happy to have the benefit of her considerable research and expertise.
Thank you for your wonderful response. We educators all work very hard to help whomever we can with our knowledge and past years of experience.

Ormond and Baer,
If I were as web savy at all, as to be able to get them onto my site it could be a consideration. But alas...I am not. In fact my website despirately needs updating, but I have not yet even accomplished that. My webmaster left for college right after we got it up and running.

I an the one who owns the copywrite to my articles (both text and photos)and get paid by PFM for their priveledge to publishing the article once. They own the right to the way the article appears in PFM. All of my information in the articles, plus many more details on each topic, is in my books as well as being offered at seminars and workshops.