Static Mount or Floating Mount?

Shana Bridges

Grumbler in Training
Dec 13, 2004
Dublin Georgia 31021
I had a customer come into my shop the other day
and she wants to frame her daughters diploma between two pieces of glass with the glass extending beyond the image size so you see about a two and a half inch glazed mat..

Well I keep coming up with at least three unknowns to this problem which I just can't think through. I have searched through the old postings for static mount and am even more perplexed.

I thought I would call larson Juhl to get some help but the girl on the phone made me feel like a total idiot. And the only help I got from her was that I needed to use Plexi not glass.

Can someone please explain to me the how to on this from recommended materials through assembly?

Shana Bridges
The static mounts you probally are referring to are for Ilford Classic® photographs. They are produced on a plastic base and cling to a sheet of acrylic, not glass.

Might I suggest an acrylic mount sheet vs glass with an air gap between it and the face glazing sheet of glass. Hinging the diploma to a mount board that can be glued to the acrylic seems to be the concensus method for this project.
I hate glass mats.

Using plexi or acrylic instead of glass makes the whole package lighter, and helps to resist moisture.

The problem with leaving an air gap is that it doesn't look like what the customer is expecting. They usually want the piece smashed between the panes.

If the diploma is printed on kidskin, a glass mat is NOT the way to go. With the air gap, the kidskin will slowly (years) ripple up, as temperature changes age the material. Without an air gap, it'll slowly mildew, and the letters will come off on the glass (or plexi)
Some times you can't win. Last year, after explaning all this to a customer . . . that is still what they wanted.

They signed the waver and they got what they wanted. That poster still IMHO looks stupid.

But, in their eyes, I am the only place to bring framing to. Go figure.

Wonder how she will feel in about 10 years when it falls and breaks the glass.....