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Beauty, Brawn, and Brains: Wizard Z1 CMC

WTB: Starting New in Spokane Wa.

Treasure Dragseth

Grumbler in Training
Nov 16, 2018
I need everything! I'm looking for smaller sized machines due to space restrictions. I'm willing to drive to Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Further if it's worth it.

Keith L Hewitt

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Forum Donor
May 26, 2006
My suggestion :)
Find out who are the best distributors in your area and arrange to meet their reps.
Then ask the rep do they know of any framers thinking of closing,
There are sure to some in the 4 states you mention,
That might be not only a source of the machinery, but also if you can get them to train you as part of the sale.
A phone call or more preferably a visit to Meg Glasgow at FINER FRAMES, Eagle Idaho will be the best starting point.
Meg will inspire you and set you in the right direction. And buy her book " Recharge your Business"
I wish you every success in your framing ambitions

Later - I've just seen its a 7 hour drive from you to Eagle. The USA is big, isn't it! :rolleyes: :eek:
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