Start up - comments please


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Apr 4, 2002
Minneapolis, MN
Hello all,

I would really like to post this on the grumble, but some glitch won't allow me to be logged on and see the text... I can 'lurk' unidentified and read, but really want to be part of the conversation.

I am embarking on my fourth career change (accountant, programmer, project manager...grumbler-in-training) and wanted to run my plans past all you. I have a business plan, marketing plan, have a contact at SCORE, have read Jay's book, planning to attend a week long training session in town. Purchased a chop, vise, mat cutter. I would really like a copy of the FACTS - can't find them on-line. anyone know where they are now? I have visited a couple in town framers (one home based and one retail) for their take on the business. I am starting out home based, but have my eye on some new retail space that should be open in the fall.
I have read all the tips you folks have posted, subscribed to PPFM and Picture framing magazine. I must be looking a the wrong Decor (ELLE) magazine - I saw no mention of framing, just lots of skinny models in clothes I can't afford.

Have I missed anything? shoot holes and offer suggestions please.

I have asked the 'framer god' to help me see the grumble. If I can I'll re-post there.

thanks for your time!

Here's an idea about how to fix your Grumble problem.

While you're logged into any forum other than the main Grumble forum, click on 'my profile,'(upper right) then 'view/update' profile (upper left) and, toward the bottom, make sure the 'default topic view' is set to something like 5 or 10 days. If not, change it and save your profile. If you try to view everything, you get a blank screen, 'cause there's just too much stuff!
Let us know if the default 'days' was set for a very high number - like 'forever'. Maybe that will help Framer solve the problem. I think it will fix yours. (Framer, our overworked administrator, is looking into this problem which has plagued a number of new Grumblers.)

The reason you can access other forums, but not the main Grumble forum is this: There are about 2800 threads and almost ten times that many posts on the main forum. If your default setting is trying to load them all, it just gives up and you get a blank page instead of a topic list. The second busiest forum, Warped Moulding (where quality is valued above quantity) has about 750 threads and about 9200 posts. You can load all of them, but it probably takes a while.

Give this a try and let us know if it works.
Pam, you've done all the things one should do to get started. You might add some marketing books to your list. Remember, "Nothing happens until somebody sells something!"

There's nothing wrong with a homebased location (providing of course you've covered all the zoning, etc bases), just beware of a "homebased attitude". It sounds like you've taken care of that already.

To Pam and Ron...

You're sounding good to me! You might want to keep an eye out for an experienced part-time framer for that time (hopefully soon) when your business demands more than you can put out by yourself. I think training new people to the business is great, but it sure helps to have a pro around.

And Ron, thanks for the tip about getting to Grumble! I was a "locked-out" newbie until I reset my default. Works great at 10 days.

Pam, it sounds like you are getting things in order, and I hope you can let your level of excitement show in the framing designs you come up with. As an artist/manager/framer of a small shop in Houston (chief cook and bottle washer.....
no I don't own it...
I can say get to know your sales reps, and take in as many lines as you can stomach, to give yourself a really wide variety of mouldings to pull from once you get those creative juices flowing. We are a Larson Juhl partner ( after 6 hard years of selling up), and now cary full line Roma, LAmarche, Max CMI Arquati etc. I think the site for decor is and the universal password for them to enter the site is 'prints' ok. All for now, best of luck, and nice to be a newbie grumbler litter mate of yours. Take Care.