Stamping suede mats


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Some time ago I recall seeing something about stamping designs into suede mats, somewhere. Cannot locate it, so does someone know how its done, please???
Ormond, I just went looking for it...

basics came down to: lick a clean rubber stamp then stick on a warm iron until it just stopps bubbleing and spitting.. then press into suede mat.

If you have a fancy design that your CMC is cutting out.... have it cut out 4 and stick the dropouts in the corner and stick in press..

Maybe Terry Hart or FramerDave will be along and explain it better.
Here was my first go at it.


Its subtle but just the thing. And its a bad picture.

I did it with a cutout and heat press.

I've done it a bunch leaves into a suede board on an outdoor scene, WOW.
Very nice Jay!! And for a first try too, quite impressive.

Would you please elaborate a bit on the technique you used? Is the pattern glued on top of the suede or just held by the glazing?

It’s pressed into the suede. I did the cutout on the wiz. Without taking the fallout out of the cut put some atg on the back of the fallout pieces. then put another board across the fallouts and pick it up. Now you have the fallouts placed perfectly on another board. Spray that board rather wet and stick it in a very hot heat press with lots of pressure for a couple of minutes. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. (use the same template) Finished. And all that without a 10k lazer engraver!
Thanks guys for the help! I will give it a try, but methinks I need a hot press!

I will be able to try the rubber stamp method!

Beautiful job Jay!!!
Ormond, cut the shape with your CMC, moisten it and place it in the spot you want - throw it in the vacuum press or under weights for the night.