Stainless wire hanging system


MGF, Master Grumble Framer
Oct 6, 2001
Montana ( A Tourist runs through it )
Do any of you know who has the stainless steel wire and barrel bolts for the top of the wire to hang from an S hook on a wood rail?

The oak wood rail is already installed. We need to use the S hooks at the top on the rail.
We want to do a high tech ( black or silver finish ) look for a Harley Davidson store.
Sorry I should of been more clear. They are hanging frames on columns that are covered all in oak. They don't want to put nails or hangers in the wood. They had a decorative oak rail trim added near the top of each column so that we could hang the pictures from the rail.

It is a beautiful Harley store. I don't know if any of you have seen the new updated Harley stores but they are pretty nice. Some very high end stuff. They even have leather Christmas stockings!

We framers could learn a lot about merchandising from these Harley Davidson stores. ( I have been looking for ideas sure ;) )
I have been researching at many sites and a Walker System won't work nor will the Akarwa System ( sp). They seem to have their own rails.

I may be able to find some cable at our local hardware store and paint our brass hangers that go over the molding rail. They don't want brass .

Just looking for something a little more "techy" or "Harley" looking that I don't know about.
Ok Judy are they looking for edgey or gallery? If they are going for edgey then maybe use a steel chain or something of that kind, s-hooks can be found at any hardware store. I think with a wire crimper, sleeves, and the wire coated with plastic you could make your own. In any size too. This should be found in a united catalog I would think?
Hope I was of some kind of help
Arikawa is the company. I think the spelling is close to actual. They advertise in the trade mags.
As Peter suggested, these folks make great, high
end products that should be perfect for your


Arakawa Hanging Systems

supplies quick-release cable

grippers to retail stores

and fixture manufacturers,

exhibit builders, galleries

and museums, and general

contractors. You may find

Arakawa Grippers used

for hanging art, signage or

shelves, on stair balustrades,

or suspending light fixtures.

Arakawa Hanging Systems
1020 SE Harrison
Portland, Oregon 97214
503.236.0440 phone
503.236.0427 fax

Another excellent choice is
1451 Sherbrooke St W
Montreal QC H3G 2S8 Canada

Toll-free: 1.866.935.6949
Phone: 1.514.935.6949
Fax: 1.514.935.9209


Ask for Walter Moncade and tell him hello for me. Great people and products. Frequent exhibitors at many Framing Shows here in the States.