St. Louis Tabletop Show

Barb Pelton

SGF, Supreme Grumble Framer
Apr 14, 2002
The Show Me State
St. Louis PPFA will be holding a tabletop show
on June 27th at the Doubletree Hotel in Chesterfield, MO.

Brian Wolf, CPF, GCF will be giving an educational class from 9-11:30 a.m. entitled
"Getting the Most Out of Your Wizard"

and Fran Gray, MCPF and PPFA National Board Member will be the guest speaker during the buffet brunch (11:30-12:30).

You can contact me for more info, or
Ken Link at Picture This and More
and we would prefer an RSVP by June 23rd.

We have a nice number of suppliers and vendors that wil be set up there and it's a great way to talk to them directly as well as to network with other people. Of course, you do not need to be a PPFA member to attend.

FEES are as follows:
Show--PPFA members: $20. (includes brunch)
Show--PPFA non members $40 (and we'll apply $25.00 towards a trial membership--good until Sept 2005. Also includes brunch)

Brian's Wizard class: $30. (and seating IS limited so you'd better act quickly!)
Also available at no charge for StL PPFA members is the 2005 PPFA framing competition frog giclees "Peepers I, and Peepers II" by artist Sarah Richards.

Just pick up your two glicees at the show and be an award winner!
A quick thank you to Brian Wolf for a great class and also to Fran Gray for her informative speech.

I personally thought there were an excellent group of suppliers on hand and want to thank them all for the support they have shown our chapter by giving up their Sunday to be there.

There were a few Grumblers there and a great group of attendees in general. Thanks to all who made it out.
I missed that show entirely. By the way Barbie, what did you see and buy at that show (or intend to buy) except for those excellent classes and speeches that you mentioned twice?
So far it's like you telling us what an extraordinary restaurant opened across the street and then go on and on with prizing its silverware.
[(sigh) I just typed this whole thing, took a call, turned around and my reply was gone. zap.]

Keeping with the restaurant analogy (I wish a good restaurant was opening up across town!), I would say that Brian Wolf would be more than mere cutlery. For many on Sunday, I'd say his class was the entree, or at least a finely dressed salad. ;)

I'm going on second hand info here, since I was not in the class. (#1-I own an Eclipse, #2-I was "working" at the registration both.)

For me personally, I'd say brunch and Fran's speech would have been the appetizer, the supplier tables the main course, and visiting/networking/etc. was the dessert.

I ordered a set of samples from Studio moulding (med rare)--a new company for me. I was impressed with what I saw there.

I also saw several tasty morsels at the Gemini booth, including a set of samples of hardwood shadowbox mouldings with great finishes and depth. I didn't order the set there, but now that I've found a niche in the sample wall at the store, I will be ordering them as soon as I return to work. Also, their acrylic cases/bases will be a new addition for my store--very nice.
I ordered a set of metal samples-bright, bold colors--from Gemini; I'm excited about those; good price point on chops!

A nice side dish-a new source I found to replace a dried up source for Specialty mats. The Frame Game, a supplier I was completely unfamiliar with, gave me a whole set.

I spent some time looking over the display at the Miller Group Systems. I came home with some material and they answered lots of questions for me. This will require some thoughful planning--not a spur of the moment purchase.

Also spent time asking questions and getting info at the Meadowbrook Insurance table.

I stopped by but didn't linger long at the tables of my main suppliers who were there: Larson and Arquarti. They both do a good job of keeping me up to date. Visited and looked over new lines of suppliers I do limited amounts of business with currently: Roma and Williamson. Both had eye candy.

I quickly eyed (running out of time) the samples at the Bob Victor table--they look interesting as well. Will find an bit of time to peruse their catalog. Also a couple of others--names escape me now.

Spent about 20 minutes of basically private instruction on the more intricate aspects of my Eclipse with Mike Anglesy.

I picked up my prints for the PPFA framing contest (free) and walked away with a box of ATG tape (door prize)(My goodness!! I couldn't believe all the great door prizes.)

5 hours and $20. well spent.

I think just about any framer within a couple of hours drive could have benefitted from attending.
(And just in case you are wondering, I had nothing to do with organizing this soiree aside from licking some envelopes). I'm just happy to see things going on in our area--I'm not on the "beaten path" where reps are dropping in.

If you like, we'll make sure you get info for the next one. I'd love to look over your product in person; will you be in Atlanta?
That's surprising to me. I thought that the tabletop show was perhaps about photo frames, jewelry boxes, vases, stationary, well, as its name would suggest, about everything that goes on top of tables. But mats and frame moldings?

No, Barb, I won't be in Atlanta for during August and September I'll be visiting some of my best clients. Those lucky enough to see me at their doors would be living ecstatic, unforgettable moments at the sight of my entire collections of corner/arch samples (for custom made frames) and photo frames. I am talking about a few hundred items, a sort of personal show on eight wheels, and a special treat on me, too.
Don't rush to my website it is not updated in purpose.
Well, I can see where the name might be confusing, but it is more like a "mini" trade show--instead of booth space you have 10 ft.(?) tables to display product on. The first time I attended one, I was amazed at how some vendors could take a couple of tables and display so much and make it attractive as well. There's quite a lot to see.

(Wizard sent the cutest little cmc you ever saw!)

Good luck in your travels. Oh, and you know of course that telling someone NOT to look at your website is like telling a child not to put beans up his nose. But then, you know that already. ;)