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Mar 26, 2003
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I am looking for a supplier of stainless steel staples for my bostitch T31-2SBNK air stapler which uses 21G 1/2" crown staples for doing origional canvas stretching. Anyone know of a supplier. I looked everywhere.

Larson Juhl has staples but will not fit my gun nor does anyone there know if they are stainless or not.

Thanks in advance
Jerome has an excellent idea. Being an avid wooden boat freak--or masochist--I've used a variety of these staples. Altho honestly the type I've used I can't imaging using in a frame shop. But mine haven't been for the upholstery.

Forgot to mention: if you can't find them, pick up any issue of Wooden Boat available at any decent bookstore. Plenty of hardware suppliers in there

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I purchased a Duo Fast stapler that handles stainless steel staples. Hunt down a supplier in your area on the internet. I use 1/4" 5008-D SS staples and have been happy with both the stapler and the staples.

You might also try a "Fastener" store instead of a hardware store; they will probably have several ideas and alternatives. It is difficult to find stainless steel staples for a regular "Arrow" type staple gun.

Lots of luck

Jack Cee